(Minghui.org) An elderly couple filed a complaint against five police officers who maimed their son following his arrest for his faith.

Mr. Li Yongquan, a dentist in Tianjin, was treating a patient on December 28, 2017 when police broke in and arrested him. His parents, both 90, weren't informed of his arrest until more than a month later. They were so traumatized that his mother lost her hearing, and his father needed a pacemaker for his heart.

Mr. Li's lawyer visited the local detention center in February 2018 and was shocked to see that Mr. Li had become paralyzed on the right side of his body. He was wheeled into the meeting room and had to use his left hand to sign legal documents.

Upon learning of their son's sudden disability, Mr. Li's parents filed a complaint on April 26 against the following five officers:

Wang Peng and Mei Zefeng of Wuqing Police OfficeLi Bing and Yu Guohui of Wuqing Domestic Security OfficeZhang Peng (chief of Shangmatai Police Station)

These officers were accused of committing the following legal wrongs and violating the criminal law:

Illegally Entering Private Residence

The officers broke into Mr. Li's dental clinic on December 28, 2017 without showing any ID or search warrant. They seized him and took him to Shangmatai Police Station. They didn't take inventory of confiscated items as required by law. They also failed to notify Mr. Li's family of his arrest in a timely manner.

Interrogation with Torture

Mr. Li was denied food and water on the day of his arrest. As he refused to answer the police's questions, they put him in a choke hold for an extended period of time.

Mr. Li lost consciousness. The police threw him to the ground and left him there for a whole night without rendering him any medical care.

Use of Deceit and Failure to Provide Medical Care

Mr. Li coughed up blood for three straight days after the interrogation session. He also had chest pain. The police later took him for medical examinations a few times. He was diagnosed with an ischemic stroke. The police, however, refused to arrange medical treatment for him. He eventually became paralyzed.

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