(Minghui.org) Oftentimes, while writing experience sharing articles on behalf of other practitioners, I am deeply touched by their righteous thoughts. It has been advantageous for me to listen to so many magnificent cultivation stories and personal accounts, and I am very grateful for these opportunities.

Touched By Fellow Practitioners Attitude

Some elderly practitioners never went to school. But, for years they have listened to Master and have been doing what Master asked of them. They have never stood out or thought to be remarkable.

There is a practitioner who started to cultivate in 1994. He was arrested several times and had experienced tremendous suffering and torture, but his faith in Master and Dafa has never weakened.

A few years ago practitioners did not cooperate as one body. While others were reluctant to be a coordinator, he was always willing, despite how difficult it was. Because of his efforts, we are improving as one body.

The practitioner has very strong righteous thoughts and has broken through the attachment to self and let go of fear.

He approached and clarified the facts about Falun Dafa to the police station chief, domestic security division chief, the secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, and others who had persecuted him in the past and helped many of them quit the Chinese Communist Party and its youth organizations.

We have a female practitioner who is very diligent as well. She only sleeps two to three hours a day. She has been telling people about Dafa almost every day for the past 13 years. With very strong righteous thoughts, she has clarified the facts to the staff at the police department, the procuratorate and the court several times, and once she faced dozens of police officers and told them, “Remember, Falun Dafa is Good!”

Another female practitioner was the first to step out and clarify the facts to the staff in the police department, the procuratorate and the court. She has also been leading the efforts of rescuing fellow practitioners.

Helping Fellow Practitioners with Patience

The majority of our local practitioners had not attended any school, and are unable to write experience sharing articles. Therefore, they dictate and I have taken over the writing function.

The process requires a lot of patience since many elderly practitioners do not know what to share. So I chat with them and write down valuable information from their wordy stories. Therefore, it takes a good few rounds to finish an article.

My workload increases around Falun Dafa Day or when the Minghui website is calling for papers for the online experience sharing conference since I am in charge of writing almost all the articles for my area. But, I never turn down any request.

As soon as I hear someone is planning to write an article but he/she is unable to, I take the initiative to contact him/her, record and organize his/her personal accounts. This way the practitioner is encouraged to share more.

Everything is predestined. To record personal accounts instantly, I need to write very fast. I've never taken any courses in shorthand, but when I was in school, I was strangely driven to practice speed writing for a few years.

I've never taken a job that required good writing, but I loved literature and have read many books before I started cultivating. It was not until now that I understood that these skills were laying for me a solid foundation for article writing today.

Facing a Practitioner's Accusations

Practitioner Jian's (alias) article was published on the Minghui website. Practitioner Hui's (alias) relative, was deeply offended by the family conflicts mentioned in the article.

Hui organized a sharing among a group of practitioners, criticizing Jian for fabricating the facts and lying to the Minghui website, and was very upset. I was upset at first upon hearing about it, because in my opinion, Hui's accusations were petty.

For example, Jian's age was 58, but in the article, she was in her 60s. What's the big deal?

I thought Hui was jealous and making a big fuss over nothing. But on second thought, I felt that nothing was a coincidence, and there has to be a reason why these things happened to me.

I felt that because the practitioner has pointed out untruthful information in the article, that there must be something I can improve upon. I looked inside carefully and realized that I indeed tend to be careless and exaggerate. I learned this through the indoctrination by the CCP. This is definitely something I need to get rid of. I was very grateful to Hui for helping me find my shortcomings.

When I saw Hui the next time she mentioned the article to me. I sincerely apologized to her, and took the responsibility for the untruthful content in the article, which resulted in conflicts among practitioners.

Hui did not hold a grudge, and there was no separation formed between us.

Removing the Attachment to Validating Self

Showing off and validating the self are my most noticeable attachments in article writing. Every time after I submit an article, I check if it has been published, and feel complacent if it is. I also tend to let other practitioners know, intentionally or unintentionally, how many articles from our area have been published recently.

I have realized that this is showoff mentality and the attachment to validating self, and I have been trying to remove them. But they are very stubborn and I am still working on it; I will work harder on removing them.

Because I have written the vast majority of the articles for our area, my fellow practitioners and I have formed a notion that I am the go-to person when it comes to writing. I have also developed a strong mentality of “self” because of this and would feel upset and offended if anybody else was writing an article. I have to let go of this.

One day, when I was working on an article with a fellow practitioner, she mentioned that another practitioner was writing an article about the one body in our area. She asked me to provide some information to that practitioner, and I immediately felt bad.

I detected the attachment to “self” state at that moment and I removed it with righteous thoughts. I decided to cooperate unconditionally and provide anything the fellow practitioner needed for the article.