(Minghui.org) Ms. Cai Weihua, about 40 years old, is a Falun Dafa practitioner from Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Her husband is not a practitioner. Both graduated from college and have respectable careers.

Ms. Cai and her husband were going to visit a relative on February 6, 2018. At the train station, her resident ID was checked, and she was arrested. Police officers searched their home and confiscated a computer, printer, Dafa books, and cell phones.

Officers from the Tiedong Police Station and Xiangfang District Police Department returned to her home the following day and purposely displayed the items they had confiscated the previous day, took photos of them, and videoed the proceedings. They then removed the items again.

While Ms. Cai was being held in the detention center, the authorities demanded that she renounce her belief in Falun Dafa and admit guilt. Officials in the detention center also demanded that she recite the detention center regulations. When she refused, the guards punished all the inmates in the same cell, turning them against Ms. Cai.

When her husband, Li Bowei, learned that she was being persecuted physically and mentally, he wrote a letter to encourage her.

Below is Mr. Li Bowei's letter to his wife.


Learning of your situation in the detention center, I am very worried. I hope you can cheer up. The harsh condition is also a test for you, and I hope you persist in your belief. Only after experiencing the test of life and death, and going through all kinds of hardships, can one be reborn and reach the top.

It is not wrong to have a faith. I will not blame you for that. No matter how your case develops, it will not affect our affection toward each other. A day together as husband and wife means endless devotion the rest of our lives. The affection between us is unbreakable. I assure you that there will be no issues about our marriage, and I will never give up on you. I will wait for you to come back home.

You are not guilty, and there is no need to admit to anything you’re falsely accused of. A printer, computer, and paper cutter are common tools in a modern family and workplace. How can these items be criminal evidence?

Those books about your faith, just like the Bible, are used to purify one's soul. If they are regarded as criminal evidence, that means that someone can be convicted of merely thinking, which is ridiculous.

What's wrong with downloading and reading some articles online? The phone is a communication tool. A person is not guilty for owning a few cell phones and making calls.

Your belief is not an evil religion. You don't need to listen to what they say. Believe that you are innocent and that you have not violated any laws. Hold on to your belief, and you will become stronger.

The prosecutor will verify the evidence, and you can calmly face him and tell him about the harsh conditions in the detention center and the so-called evidence. We purchased those items with our money and put them in our home. How can they be confiscated as evidence? A kitchen knife at home is also a kitchen tool. When it is used to hack at others, it becomes a murder weapon. All objects can become “criminal evidence” when they are used in an action, not when they are just at home.

Justice will surely prevail. Dark clouds will never cover the sunlight. We will try to find a way to get you out of the suffering. Do not lose your confidence! Do not do what others tell you to do!

Please remember: You are not guilty for having a faith. Even if you are sentenced to prison because of your faith, no one will discriminate against you or look down on you. If you persist in your belief, I think you will face everything calmly, even if there is a prison sentence.

I have already made proper arrangements for mom. She will slowly accept this reality. You don't have to worry about her health since she is physically well. I will take care of everything at home. Our son has returned to school.

No one at home blames you. They’re all waiting for you to come back home.

Li BoweiMarch 12, 2018