(Minghui.org) The 80-year-old mother of Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Mingying has several children who have been persecuted because of their belief in Falun Gong.

Her eldest son was sentenced to ten years in prison, and his wife was sentenced to five years. The lady's youngest daughter was sentenced to eight years, and her eldest daughter, Wang Mingying, has been detained since November 2017 in the No. 2 Detention Center in Mudanjiang City.

After Ms. Wang was arrested, her mother helplessly waited for her to come home.

Ms. Wang was arrested on November 29, 2017. Domestic security officers Yin Hang and Ma Qun, along with police officers from the Yangming Police Department went to her home. They followed her, and rushed into her home when she opened the door. They were not wearing uniforms, did not show any identification, and did not present a search warrant. They ransacked the home and seized Dafa books, a computer, two tablet computers, and two cell phones. Ms. Wang has been detained ever since.

The police tried to get Ms. Wang indicted, but her case was returned by the Procuratorate several times. Domestic Security captain Li Min and officer Ma Xiaohuan from the Yangming Police Station continued to submit falsified evidence in order to frame her.

Ms. Wang's daughter was overburdened by the horror of her mother's arrest and collapsed. She kept yelling and crying, tossing and smashing things, and tried to jump off the building. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The family attempted to discuss the situation with officials from the police department and Procuratorate. The police used all kinds of excuses in order to avoid them. Li Min even walked out the back door when the family wanted to talk to her.

The family then talked to district attorney Wang Juan of the Aimin District Procuratorate. The district attorney told them that the case had been returned to the Yangming Police Department. When the family talked to Li Min, she lied and said that the case was still at the Procuratorate.

When the family came back to Li the second time, she summoned about six police officers and yelled at the family. The family tried to talk with her peacefully and asked her to release Ms. Wang.

“I don't care. It is your problem,” Li said. She told the family that Ms. Wang was not there. Then a while later, she claimed that Ms. Wang was there.

Li told the family to hire a lawyer and to tell him to see her. The family thus borrowed money and hired a lawyer. When the lawyer went to see Li, she became upset and denied having requested to talk to the lawyer.

Li said, “This is the way I am. You can sue me any way you want to.”