(Minghui.org) The date was March 22, 2017. It was snowing and windy, and the road was slippery.

I drove very fast, as I was in a hurry to get to work on time. When the traffic light turned red at the next intersection, it was too late to stop. I stepped on the brakes, but the car kept moving.

I was heading east. A big truck with a trailer was moving towards the west on the third lane. There was a cab and a sedan driving on the first and second lane, also turning west. I was sliding towards them and envisioned a terrible crash.

My mind went blank and I did not know what to do. “Who can help me?!” Suddenly I thought of Master and I cried out, “Master, what can I do? Please help me. Master!”

Tears covered my face. My car passed the cab and the sedan, which had slowed down, but was still moving east, and about to hit the trailer. Suddenly the truck turned to the left and there was a small gap. I drove through that gap.

After I went through the intersection, the truck was still turning. It was impossible to avoid an accident, yet there was no accident. Master had looked out for me.

It is the truth that Master watches over his practitioners and protects them.

Successfully distributing truth-clarifying materials after eliminating attachments

Exposing the persecution and clarifying the truth are part of a practitioner's mission. Another practitioner and I study the Fa every night before going out to distribute Dafa informational materials.

One night we went to a gated residential area, for which a residence card was needed to get into any of the buildings.

We could get through the main entrance. For the buildings, some gates were locked, but not others. We just followed people who entered or exited the building. We distributed materials door to door. Things went smoothly and we did not realize that we had developed the attachment of zealotry. “Who said it was hard to enter these buildings? It's so easy,” we said.

Then, we went to a building where the gate was not fully closed, but no matter how hard we tried, we could not open the door. We decided to leave that building for last.

After we finished distributing materials to the other buildings, we returned to that one, but still could not open the door. We almost gave up. I wondered why we could not enter this one building while all others were easy. If we stopped here, we might not get the chance to come back again, and the people in this building would miss the opportunity to read the truth-clarifying materials.

I looked inward and realized that I had developed the attachment to zealotry. I thought that I was better than others, so I could do what others could not do.

Master said,

“The old forces don't dare to oppose our clarifying the truth or saving sentient beings. What's key is to not let them take advantage of the gaps in your state of mind when you do things.”(“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Boston” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference II)

Master's Fa told me that he is the one who really saves people, and we are only the helpers.

When I found my attachment, I immediately eliminated it and purified my thoughts. I said in my mind, “Master, please help me open the gate. We need to distribute truth-clarifying materials to the people living here.” Then I heard a click and the door opened. We were so surprised that we could not say a word but just looked at each other.

Master said, “Remove your human thoughts, and evil will naturally die out”(“Don't Be Sad” from Hong Yin Volume II)