(Minghui.org) My wife was diagnosed with asthma before she started practicing Falun Dafa. After we started to practice, she did not recover from it. We were practicing Falun Dafa, so why did she still have asthma? It bothered me. I soon realized it was interference, she needed to eliminate it, and yet she could not.

Her asthma got very bad several times, and I told her it was because the evil did not want her to cultivate. She started to be afraid to do the exercises. I got anxious and asked her why she was behaving so cowardly. “You need to believe in Master and the Fa, " I said. Her health improved and she regretted that she did not do well.

My wife only went to school for three years, so she was unable to read through Zhuan Falun. She would listen to me read the book. I began to let her read to me, but I would lose patience when she made mistakes. She would get angry about my criticizing her and give up reading. After I calmed down, I would have to convince her to read again – this happened many times.

I joined a Fa-study group. A practitioner in his 80s was not a good reader and took forever to finish a paragraph. I knew it was good for practitioners to read together and not just listen. And that I should cultivate patience and not complain.

So I began to let my wife read the book with me and I would patiently correct her mistakes. I knew she was doing well because she had the desire to improve. I should encourage her and not criticize.

I did not get angry with her again, and she no longer felt inferior. She loves to study the Fa and she is much more relaxed now when she read.

I am the type of person who would always give in to others. My wife often got angry with me for it. Now that she is able to read the Fa, we share our thoughts about it and she can understand and be more accepting.

We get up at 3:40 a.m. every day to do the exercises. My wife does the sitting meditation for more than an hour. One day she was interfered with while doing the sitting meditation. Her stomach started to hurt. She thought, “I am Master’s disciple, no one is qualified to interfere with me." The pain disappeared.

After we changed, the interference disappeared. I enlightened that we are a couple, and as long as we help each other with studying the Fa, doing everything well, and understand each other, we can pass any tests.

Cultivators can understand and forgive. That is compassion, and the power of compassion can resolve everything. Complaints, hatred, jealousy, and conflicts are interference. Because there are gaps, evil will come to harm you. Your level will be restricted in the human world by human thinking, and your body will be restricted by “birth, old age, illnesses, and death.”