(Minghui.org) I am a young Falun Dafa practitioner. When the persecution of Falun Dafa began on July 20, 1999, I was about 12 years old. At the time, my family of four practiced Falun Dafa. We went through many hardships due to the persecution. My parents and sister were arrested and imprisoned. My sister and I stopped practicing Dafa sometime in 2005. I returned to Dafa after reading one of Master Li Hongzhi's (the founder of the practice) articles at the end of 2015.

People Want to Hear the Facts

I was pregnant at the end of 2015, and became very anxious and concerned that I could not practice while raising a child. I worried that I could not complete my cultivation path before the Fa rectification ended. With the help of local practitioners and more Fa study, I gradually calmed down. Master Li said:

“… because throughout history you have already been given all the best things ...” (“Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I already had the best of everything. What else could I ask for? I only needed to study the Fa and do well as a practitioner.

After I quit my job to get ready for being a mother, I studied the Fa in the morning, clarified the facts about Falun Dafa in the afternoon by distributing Dafa informational materials and pasting stickers about Dafa on walls. Teacher often encouraged me.

While on my way home after picking up truth-clarification materials one day, I stopped at a fruit stand. I gave the owner a Minghui Weekly and said, “You can understand by reading the materials and stay informed in the midst of confusion.” He replied, “The more I read it, the more I understood!”

After my baby was one month old, I went out to clarify the facts about Falun Dafa again almost every day. One time, I gave a pamphlet to a middle-aged man who was resting under a tree. After moving on, he called me to wait for him. Behind him, there were two middle-aged men on motorcycles. At first, I thought they were undercover police. But one of them asked for information. Regardless of whether he was a policeman or not, I gave him a pamphlet. When he asked for more, I handed him one copy of each kind of the brochures that I had.

Harmonious Family Relationships

Like many other daughters-in-law, I did not get along with my mother-in-law before beginning cultivation practice. Her health was poor, so she only helped cooking meals and left all other family chores to me while I also took care of my baby.

At first, I felt angry for doing most of the housework while knowing other daughters-in-law in my neighborhood did not do much. After I became a practitioner, I changed and looked at the issue from the Fa's perspective. Master said,

“Because of contamination from the powerful current or big dye vat of ordinary human society, the things that people consider correct are, actually, often wrong. Doesn’t everyone want to live a good life?” (Zhuan Falun)

I should not desire a good life and compare myself with others. Although it is common practice nowadays for daughters-in-law to tell their mothers-in-law what to do, their behaviors are deviating from Chinese tradition.

After studying about loss and gain, I started to take personal interests lightly. My mother-in-law is an ordinary rural woman. Her income of 5,000 yuan comes from the rent of the family land and her old-age food compensation. I paid the family expenses, including her medicine and also bought her snacks without getting angry.

I often thought that since I am a practitioner that I needed to be considerate of others. She had a tough life when she was young. I felt it was good that she could finally enjoy life at her age.

One time, I took my child to the village and several people praised me as a good daughter-in-law. They continued saying how nicely I treated my mother-in-law. I was wondering how they knew about my family matters and found out that she had told them.

One year in July my mother-in-law fell and fractured her bones. She has two sons and my husband is the younger one. My brother-in-law owns a house in the city. I have never asked him to share my mother-in-law’s expenses. The weather was very hot, so I installed an air conditioning unit for her.

People in the village asked me whether my brother-in-law paid for it. I explained that he was busy at work, and it did not matter who paid for it. My good deed gave me opportunities to clarify the facts about the persecution to the villagers.

Teacher Li said,

“Nothing is coincidental, though, and there are factors from two angles. It is here either to test you or to help you. There are two angles in any case, so think about it. There are no accidents.” (“Fa Teaching at the New York Fa Conference on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Dafa's Introduction to the Public”)

After my mother-in-law got injured, I discussed with other practitioners why this happened and looked within for my own shortcomings. I realized that I was not diligent in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises.

I was trying my best to balance taking care of my 18-month-old baby, prepare food and bathe my mother-in-law while she was recovering.

My husband returned home for a break and was moved to tears when witnessing the situation. He had been influenced deeply by atheistic teachings and was once angry at me for printing and delivering Dafa materials.

He exclaimed, “You take care of my mother so well. I should treat you nicely for the rest of my life. I won’t be against you practicing Dafa anymore!”

My mother-in-law began to listen to Master's lectures in Guangzhou, as well as the songs, “Jishi” and “Pudu.” My husband often listens to Shen Yun songs and also withdrew from the Chinese Communist Party's youth organizations.