(Minghui.org) I have met many different kinds of people when I clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. Some people refuse to listen and are even rude or abusive, but more often than not, people are understanding, supportive, and appreciative.

After all these years of hard work by Falun Dafa practitioners to lay bare the human rights abuses in China, more and more people are coming to understand the truth and not believe the lies and propaganda put out by the Chinese state-run media. More people are also quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Some even look for us to help them or members of their family quit.

Those Who Are Saved Are Lucky

I finished my work late one cold and quiet winter night. While riding my bike home I caught up with another cyclist and rode beside him. I greeted him and asked if he knew why it was so important to quit the CCP. He said that he didn't, so I told him about the large rock in Guizhou with the Chinese characters “The Chinese Communist Party perishes,” the April 25 Peaceful Appeal, and the staged self-immolation incident on Tiananmen Square. In the end, I suggested that he quit the CCP so he wouldn't be implicated when the CCP is brought to justice.

He stopped and got off his bike, so I did the same. He shook my hand with tears in his eyes and said, “Thank you, thank you! I know that you are doing this for my sake. I will quit.”

I was happy for him and said, “Our master, Li Hongzhi, teaches us to treat people with kindness. Falun Dafa practitioners believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Please remember that Falun Dafa is good.” He thanked me again.

I talked with an elderly lady holding a rosary in her hands another time. I talked to her about Falun Dafa. She was very touched and quit the CCP. She pressed her palms together, as if in prayer, to show her gratitude.

Indeed, those who are saved are lucky, because they in turn talk to and save others. This is why they are so grateful.

“You Are Saving People!”

I once said hello to a man in the hallway of an apartment complex. When he heard me, he stopped, so I asked if he knew what quitting the CCP was all about. With a smile, he said, “Of course! It's everywhere: on banknotes, on the wall, in the hallway. I get it on my phone as well. The regime didn't approve of my family's background when I was growing up, so I never joined the Party. But I was a Young Pioneer.”

I said, “The Young Pioneers are a CCP youth organization. Let me quit for you with an alias.”

“Sure!” he replied. “I have read the fliers you hand out. I know you are saving people. Thank you.” Then he shook my hand.

Quitting the CCP Online

I went with a coworker to a car show. I chatted with a middle-aged man about the cars we were looking at, then I asked if he knew anything about quitting the CCP. He said that he had heard about it and had even gotten a phone call from overseas about it.

I found out that he was a veteran and a CCP member, so I encouraged him to quit for his own good. He said that he had been approached a few times to quit the CCP in the past.

As I walked with him down the hall, I told him about the rock in Guizhou with the Chinese charterers “the Chinese Communist Party perishes.” “It's like a sign from heaven that we should quit the CCP to avoid being implicated when it goes down,” I said.

People inside China are prevented from accessing the internet outside of China, so I gave him an address for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to get around this. I suggested that he visit websites outside of China.

When I offered him an alias to quit the CCP, he said that he would do it himself and that he would help his family members quit as well. He said, “I can't miss this opportunity again!”