(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner, Mei [alias], asked me to go with her to hang up Falun Dafa banners on a particularly cold, winter evening. It had just begun to rain, and it was very dark by the time I arrived at the place where we were to meet.

When Mei arrived on her bicycle we didn't talk, and only nodded to each other. I sat behind her, and we went on our way.

It was as though Mei had a map in her head. Despite the rain and darkness, she went directly to the places we planned to go.

When we arrived at each location she took out a large bag containing banners and hooks. She then told me how to prepare the banner. As soon as she found a good place to hang it, I quickly handed it to her. She took out a telescoping fishing rod, raised the rod, and hung up the banner. She used a flashlight to check that everything was OK, and then we moved on.

Because the flashlight was very bright, I started to worry. I was afraid of being seen and reported to the police. Mei was very calm however, which helped me to let go of my fear. We focused on hanging banners and forgot everything else, even the cold weather.

We hung up many banners at intersections. They were very colorful and seemed to float, like exotic flowers in the cold rain. I knew that many people would see them and learn that Falun Dafa is good.

I was touched by Mei's skill and steadiness. She must have done this many times before. It was clear to me that her compassionate wish to save people helped overcome any fear she may have had.

Depth and Purity of Practitioners' Hearts

Mei and I often study the Fa together, share our experiences, and go out to talk to people about Falun Dafa. However, our relationship was not always smooth sailing, and we sometimes argued.

Whenever we had conflicts I would remember how diligently and skillfully she hung up banners. Then whatever we were arguing about suddenly seemed not a big deal. When Mei criticized me, I could accept it. Perhaps my thoughts were in line with the Fa's requirements because I was able to think about her positive attributes.

When other practitioners and I were at Mei's home one time we talked about our cultivation experiences. I said something about Mei without considering whether she could accept it, and I must have hurt her feelings. She became angry and suddenly criticized me. I was shocked but didn't say a word. I later apologized profusely.

I asked Mei not to take my words too seriously, and told her that it wasn't my intention to attack her. She and another practitioner talked about why they became so upset. Afterwards, we all laughed.

At that moment I felt the depth and purity of practitioners' hearts.