(Minghui.org) I had a dream in which the blue sky was changing and a large area of black sky, as black as ink, was emerging from the west and spreading. It was getting darker and darker, and I got a little nervous.

“The sky will change!” I thought, “Isn't the Fa-rectification nearing its end? But, I have not cultivated well, and there are many attachments that I have not eliminated. What can I do?”

When I was anxious, Master appeared and with him, Buddhas, Taoists, Gods, and Dafa disciples who had consummated.

Master said, “The Fa-rectification is coming to an end and Dafa disciples who have reached consummation will soon return to their origins.”

I asked Master if I had reached consummation. Master looked at me and told me that I still had some ways to go.

“Is there another chance,” I asked Master. “I will rectify myself! I will definitely listen to Master's words. If I can't go home with Master, I will never have another chance, nor will I be able to live. I don't want to be like this, give me some more time! I will do it well!”

Master said. “It is coming to an end. You are at the bottom of the line for consummation. You will barely pass!”

At that time, my body floated towards the place behind Master, and I stood beside many Dafa disciples who had reached consummation. I did not feel happy, but very solemn instead.

Dividing Line

Then, I saw a dividing line in the cloud and behind it, there were people who had been eliminated in large numbers; very few were left. They were frightened and stunned.

This most regrettable scene was simply a miserable tragedy for Dafa disciples who had attained the Fa, but had made mistakes time and again and will not reach consummation! They repented their laziness but did not cherish the opportunities they had. My heart was filled with sorrow!

Master is so compassionate and has given us countless opportunities and extended the concluding time.

I saw Master in tears and he said, “They have no more chances! Everything is over!”

“Master,” I said. “Is there still time? If there is still time, I do not want to consummate now. I still want to save more people.”

Then, I woke up and could not calm down for a long time. This dream was so shocking because the images were so real. It was as if this scene had just happened.

Master said,

“In teaching the Fa, I have talked about the principle whereby a school student who does his schoolwork well will naturally be admitted to college, whereas a school student who is attached to being admitted to college but who doesn’t do his schoolwork well won’t be admitted. It isn’t wrong for a cultivator to wish to reach Consummation, but your mind should be on the Fa. While continually cultivating you will unwittingly meet the standard for Consummation.” (“Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I am still lazy in doing the exercises, and my ego is big. I need to eliminate all my attachments. I am willing to correct myself! I also hope that fellow practitioners who are lax on the cultivation path will seize the time. We should really run. There is really not much time left for us. We had hoped and waited for many lifetimes to reach this point and must not miss the opportunity!