(Minghui.org) My colleague and I are Falun Dafa practitioners who work for an after-school program. We held the Falun Dafa nine-day seminars during the winter and spring break and had about ten children at each seminar. Most kids stayed in my home because they came from different cities. We studied the Fa and worked on improving ourselves during the entire seminar.

Purifying Our Bodies

During the first two days of the seminar, Master purified the bodies of the young disciples.

Master said:

“We will purify their bodies and enable them to practice cultivation toward high levels. There is a transition at the lowest level of cultivation practice, and this is to purify your body completely. All of the bad things on your mind, the karmic field surrounding your body, and the elements that make your body unhealthy will be cleaned out. If they are not cleaned out, how can you, with such an impure, dark body and a filthy mind, practice cultivation toward a higher level?” (Zhuan Falun)

In the beginning, the children could not sit still. They moved around, felt discomfort here and there, and could not focus. During the first seminar, these phenomena were most apparent. At first, we sat on the floor and crossed our legs to listen to the Fa. Then, some of the children bent over, some lay down, others established a group, and some started talking. I corrected one, picked up another one, and comforted someone else. As soon as I settled one child down, another one displayed another problem. I lost my confidence, and wondered, “How can I do this for nine days?”

Then, on the third day, they suddenly calmed down. I realized that Master was purifying their bodies during the first two days, so the bad substances in other dimensions would not interfere with them when listening to the Fa.

One youngster was emotional and had conflicts with other kids. He also had a fierce expression on his face at times, which created a more intense effect. Strange sounds came from his nose and throat. However, on the third day he was fine. At the end of the nine-day seminar, he behaved more natural and kind. There were fewer conflicts between him and other kids. Since then he became easier to deal with and quieter when he listened to the Fa or did the exercises. He also did an excellent job in other classes.

The youngest child was only four-years-old. He had some very bad habits such as using bad language and misbehaving. When I picked him up, he would kick and hit me, as well as pull my hair. The other principal and I were hit by him on the first two days. Soon, when we watched the lectures, although he could not sit still, he did not disturb the other children. And although he did ask at times how long it was still going to take, after about four lectures he changed completely and became polite. He also ate well and used polite language.

During the nine-day seminar, all the young practitioners demonstrated different kinds of progress. I could not directly see the changes in other dimensions, but from the immediate changes in the children, I witnessed how Master cleaned up bad substances from our minds and bodies. I could see that the children had become closer to Master.

Eliminating Karma

In both seminars, children had different degrees of karma elimination. During the first lecture series, their symptoms were more serious. The most common symptoms were fevers and coughs, but some others had stomachaches.

Before going to sleep, we sent righteous thoughts, and after the lights were turned off, we let them listen to the Dafa music, Pu Du or Ji Shi. They were quiet and went to sleep quickly. A few times, some woke up feeling feverish, so I recited “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good” or recited Master’s Lunyu, and they went to sleep quickly and woke up feeling well the next day. At night, some sickness symptoms would reappear. Usually, it took one or two days for symptoms to disappear completely.

My daughter used to be constantly constipated, unable to go to the bathroom for a few days at a time, and sometimes for a week. This time, after she listened to the Fa for a few minutes, she needed to go to the bathroom. After that day, her bathroom habits became normal, and she also had a better appetite.

A few everyday people’s children also came to the camp. It was surprising to us that they were quiet and did not act up. They even could cross their legs for a long time. They also eliminated karma in the form of illness symptoms but recovered within one or two days. One girl felt weak, got a cold, a stomachache, some eye pain, and exhibited allergies. When she displayed such symptoms, we recited together, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good.” Later she became stronger. We again witnessed the power of these nine true words.

Gaining Wisdom

The children were very smart, and they mastered things very quickly. Especially with calligraphy, most of them could do it from the beginning, holding their pens firmly and writing nicely. We were surprised how quickly they could do calligraphy.

I taught the children how to play the piano and could give them a few days homework in one class. They used the piano as if it were a toy and they learned quickly. If I taught one child a beautiful song, a few days later I would find that others had already learned it. We witnessed how Dafa gives wisdom.

Autistic Child Improves

A six-year-old girl with autism at first did not seem as intelligent as a healthy child of three or four years old. She also had difficulty speaking and could not easily communicate with others. She often insisted on having her own way and easily got angry.

She saw that when other kids were hurt or uncomfortable, the teacher would recite, “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance is good,” so she recited those words too. When the youngsters listened to the Fa, she also ran there to cross her legs and listen. She always finished listening to Master’s lectures.

Surprisingly, even though she usually could not finish a normal class and often interfered with others, she was very quiet when she listened to the Fa. Her language ability also recovered quickly. She now has barely any problems communicating with her teacher or other kids. She also often initiates plans to bring her teacher treats and tea. Other kids have also gradually made friends with her.

Master Is Beside Us

Our plans were to listen to the Fa early and then have regular classes; this was our wish. But we did not arrange our time well and made the time for listening to the Fa late. Both times we encountered equipment problems and could not listen to the Fa. The first time it was because we forgot to turn off the keyboard switch, so the battery ran out of power.

At that time I was the only teacher there. I called around and nobody could go out and buy a new battery. I had no choice but to enlist the children to ask Master to give us some battery power. Then, when I was not paying attention, a young practitioner played with the keyboard and suddenly a few star symbols appeared on the password area. The computer had lent us some power to get it started. I thanked Master.

The second time we were late listening to the Fa, there was another problem. The projector was not showing any images. I tried turning it off and on a few times, but there was no difference. Some teachers and young disciples all started to send forth righteous thoughts and ask for help from Master. I also looked inward because I had not followed my plan. My wish was to listen to one lecture every day on time, but on that day I was much too late again.

I enlightened that Dafa has both compassion and dignity. Since I made the plan, but not followed it, I was in the wrong. When we rectified ourselves, Master would help. I learned a lesson from this.

Looking Inward and Sending Righteous Thoughts

I took care of young practitioners around the clock during the seminar, so I often did not have enough time to sleep or eat enough by human standards. I was overloaded, but my spirit was good and I did not feel tired. So sometimes, just a short nap would refresh me.

We had many things to do every day, but we did well on studying the Fa and doing the exercises. We felt that we were melting into the Fa. I knew my responsibility, so I was trying to be a good example. No matter what I encountered, I looked inward and sent forth righteous thoughts.

But after the seminars, I couldn’t adjust myself for many days. My desire for comfort caused me not to have enough time to do the exercises and study the Fa. Therefore, when one thought from my human heart arose with the words “I should rest,” I really did feel very tired. Whether we have a human mind or a divine mind, the results will be very different.