(Minghui.org) Proclamations issued in four cities in Ontario, Canada, honored the benefits of Falun Dafa on the occasion of the 19th World Falun Dafa Day, May 13, 2018. Community leaders offered their support for practitioners' peaceful efforts to end the persecution in China, as well as congratulations for this celebration.

Mayor Gordon Krantz of Town of Milton

Milton Mayor's Proclamation of Falun Dafa Day

“Falun Dafa/Gong has received worldwide recognition, including thousands of awards of proclamations for promoting harmony in society through its traditional Chinese self-improvement system that guides people to mental, moral, and physical well being” says Gordon Krantz, Mayor of Milton, as he proclaimed May 13, 2018 to be World Falun Dafa Day in Milton.

Oakville Mayor Rob Burton

Proclamation of Falun Dafa Day by Mayor Rob Burton

Mayor Rob Burton wrote in his proclamation, “transcending the racial and cultural boundaries, Falun Dafa embraces people of all ages, from all walks of life and religious affiliation;”

It continued, “the commitment of Falun Dafa practitioners to the peaceful resolution of conflicts under the most severe environment and their efforts to encourage people of our world to enjoy a healthy, harmonious, and peaceful way of being have touched the heart of every kind-hearted human being.”

Mayor Al McDonald of North Bay

Proclamation of Falun Dafa Day in North Bay

The proclamation by Mayor Al McDonald noted “the great compassion and forbearance demonstrated by Falun Dafa practitioners have touched the hearts of kind-hearted people all over the world.

Mayor of Amherstburg Aldo DiCarlo

Proclamation of May 2018 as Falun Dafa Month in Town of Amherstburg

The proclamation stated, “Canada's Conservatives will always defend the religious minorities facing persecution around the world. Human rights, including the right to practice one's religion, will always be a priority for our Party.”