(Minghui.org) Very few practitioners I know have submitted articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day, and the deadline is less than three weeks away. I recently received an article from an elderly practitioner. As I tried to type up her article, I realized that her sentences didn’t flow. I read it a few times and got the general idea that she was talking about saving people and how grateful she was to Master.

I took the time to visit her. I saw her and her husband, who was also a practitioner, making Dafa keepsakes. She told me that she’d give one to each person who agreed to quit the CCP and was very certain that she’d give them all out. I felt the extent of their diligence and the results they have achieved in clarifying the truth and saving people.

The practitioner was 78 years old and her husband 82. They have helped many quit the CCP but never kept count. They’ve been practicing for many years and never missed doing the three things for even a day. Tears were in their eyes as they talked about Master. They felt that they have not done well and that they have disappointed Master and made him worry. She told me that Master had suffered too much.

I later mentioned that there were places in her article that I didn’t understand. She told me, “I don’t know how to express myself in writing, but in order to validate the Fa and thank Master, I write every year! I listen to Master.”

My heart ached to hear what she had to say. Her pure and sincere respect for Master and belief in the Fa made me weep and inspired me to find the gap between me and her.

When I talked to other practitioners about submitting articles, most of the time I’d hear, “I didn’t cultivate well,” “I don’t know how to write it,” or “I would just be wasting the Minghui editors’ time.” I thought that they were looking at this event with human notions rather than Fa principles.

I read an article that talked about submitting articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day. It says, “Two days before Master finished his lectures in Qiqihar, he asked everyone to turn in a written experience sharing report so that he could see how well everyone understood the Fa. This was never done by other qigong masters. No one knew exactly what to do. A practitioner turned in his report to Master and said, ‘I am afraid that it is not well done.’ Master happily took it and said, ‘As long as you wrote it.’” This touched me deeply. It foreshadowed many of Master’s expectations for his disciples!

I remember one time when I received a written sharing article from a practitioner in China. There were only a few lines written crookedly. It said, “I have never been to school and don’t know how to write, but, Master, please be assured that I will be a steadfast practitioner and follow Master home!” I couldn’t stop crying after reading it. Imagine the powerful energy it carried. What Master wants to see is our hearts that believe firmly in Master and the Fa, and that is all that matters to Him.

The notice that calls for articles is different this year and detailed many kinds of articles that can be submitted (Notice: Call for Submissions to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2018).

It says, “The longer we cultivate, the more we cherish Falun Dafa, the more grateful we are for Master's compassion and salvation, and the more people we hope to introduce to Falun Dafa so that they may benefit from it. Therefore, we now call for submissions from practitioners in both mainland China and overseas. This includes experience-sharing of cultivation practice, cultivation stories, what we witnessed in history, commentaries, and related Chinese and Western information on divine culture. We also welcome artworks including music, drawing, calligraphy, and so on. All these will be a record of the benefits Falun Dafa has brought to this world, and documentation of the compassion and sacrifice by Master Li for practitioners and the worlds’ people.”

“More specifically, such a large number of Dafa disciples have elevated their xinxing and stopped suffering from illness. Non-practitioners who know that Falun Dafa is good have also received blessings. We believe each Dafa disciple can write detailed examples of these things.”

Yes! “Every Dafa disciple” can write! Imagine how much time and painstaking effort Master has put in for every practitioner who has walked their paths to this day! Everyone has benefited immensely, from having our minds elevated to recovering from illnesses. To repay Master even a little, we all should validate the Fa and awaken sentient beings with our stories. This is another opportunity Master has given us to build our own mighty virtue.

I hope every practitioner can quickly start writing and submit his or her article! I also hope that those who can write will help those who can’t, because many of them cultivate diligently and have a lot of good stories and miracles to share with us!