(Minghui.org) I vaguely saw a golden Buddha when I was half asleep in 2007. I opened my eyes and shouted, “I see a Buddha!” I went to search for the Buddha that I saw in my dream, but could not find him.

I told my two sisters about it since both had practiced Falun Dafa, but stopped out of fear when the persecution started. I told them that I wanted to practice Falun Dafa. They laughed at me and wondered how I could do so, since I was illiterate. But I was determined so they got Zhuan Falun for me. When I opened this book in 2008, I saw Master smiling at me – he was the Buddha I had seen in my dream! Tears streamed down my face.

When I began reading Zhuan Falun, the characters seemed familiar, and I knew their meaning. When I looked at the characters at the group Fa study, I had difficulties. After I read for a while, my reading got better. I had not attended school and was not able to read on my own. All my family members were amazed: “Falun Dafa is amazing!”

I babysat my twin granddaughters, who were a few months old. This gave me the opportunity to cultivate. I cherished this opportunity very much, and seized every moment to study the Fa and do the exercises.

When I began to cultivate, my husband, as well as my sons and daughters-in-law, were against it. They even threatened to report me to the police. I calmly replied to them if that was their plan to go ahead – life would be meaningless without cultivation. They saw that I was determined and left me alone.

I was traumatized as a child, I was full of hate and frustration, and I was difficult to get along with. I changed after I cultivated and my family members noticed it! I was happy, no longer complained, and was considerate of others. I now treat my husband with respect and kindness.

I had stopped talking to my eldest son's wife for years. After I began to cultivate, I realized that I should behave like a cultivator. I went to visit them with gifts. I also took the book Zhuan Falun to show them. My daughter-in-law changed a great deal as well, and she has been telling people how wonderful Falun Dafa is.

A dozen years ago, when we did business together, my daughter-in-law's family overpaid us by 800 yuan, but they did not realize it. After I began reading the Fa, I realized that I was in the wrong, so I paid them back, more than they had overpaid. They were so amazed that a book could change me that much.

One time, my younger son and his wife had a fight. She cursed at him in front of me. I did not say a word, as I wanted to follow Master's teachings and not react as an ordinary person would.

My daughter-in-law knew that Falun Dafa is good, and she recites “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good, Falun Dafa is good.”

One day when my husband fell down the stairs, his leg had an open wound with blood gushing out. I told him to recite: “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He agreed, and the bleeding stopped!

After I began cultivating, my physical ailments have disappeared, such as neck and back pain, dark spots on my face, depression, and so on. Others commented that I looked younger.

I am happy and full of energy. I am so fortunate to have come across Falun Dafa, I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to cultivate.