(Minghui.org) I have been practicing Falun Dafa since 2007, and I have experienced the power of Dafa because of my strong belief in it.

Recovery from Terminal Illnesses

Before I began to practice Dafa, I suffered from many ailments including low blood pressure, low blood sugar, and heart disease. At times, I was unable to hold my baby, except for when nursing, because of my poor health.

My husband divorced me at that time. I was then diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006. The doctor suggested immediate surgery. I had reached the end of my endurance and thought of committing suicide, but I changed my mind because I had a young child and an elderly mother depending on me.

When at the lowest point in my life, I remembered that my mother had recovered from a terminal illness, gained more energy, and looked younger after she began to practice Falun Dafa.

My mother suggested that I practice Dafa. I was skeptical, as the science I had studied disregarded it because it did not believe that one could return to good health from reading a book and doing exercises. But I decided to give it a try, especially since I did not want to go through the surgery and chemotherapy.

It was not easy when nausea overcame me during the first week; however, it disappeared after one week. Besides, I returned to good health without having taken medication or having undergone treatments. I became a firm believer in Dafa after that, and nothing could change my mind.

Removal of Attachment to Fear

An attachment to fear took hold of me soon after I began practicing. After another practitioner was arrested, I was terrified when seeing posters in my workplace that slandered Dafa. I dared not take them down, although I knew they were bad for people. Although fellow practitioners suggested that I remove them, fear was still governing me. As my workplace was about to take me to a brainwashing class and restricted co-workers from associating with me, I worried that I would be considered the logical person who had removed the posters.

Another practitioner suggested replacing the posters with fliers about bringing Jiang Zemin (the former communist regime leader) to justice. I was extremely afraid but thought that it was the right thing to do. However, I felt some heavy substance stopping me from doing what I should do, and I could not breathe easily. Finally, I removed the posters.

On the way home, I felt the substance of fear being removed from me. I felt relaxed and could breathe normally again. The power of the whole body of practitioners formed by our collaboration had destroyed the fear substance around my body.

Another time, our local coordinator arranged for us to pass out some calendars with information about Falun Dafa. Although I was scared, I knew that my fear attachment would be removed if I steadfastly believed in Dafa and kept clarifying the truth. I finally let go of my severe attachment of fear.

The Right Decision

To apply for a promotion at my workplace, applicants must take tests for English and computer skills, as well as submit a thesis and innovation papers. Although the first two items can be obtained by taking tests, the latter two items are usually bought through bribery by the applicant. Judges will then score the papers based on their relationship with the applicants.

As a cultivator, I knew that to take part in bribery was dishonest. The job advancement, therefore, depended on my attitude toward Teacher and Dafa. It was still difficult, however, to make the right decision because of concerns by friends and relatives.

I would be able to earn an additional 500 yuan per month, which was important for me as a single mother. Many people offered to help me in buying the papers or finding ways to influence the judge. Yet I knew that this pressure was not coincidental and that my attachments were used to set traps. I immediately looked inward to find my deep attachments, and I realized that I had to let go of the attachments to fame and fortune.

I started to talk to my friends about Falun Dafa and the principles we live by of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. “Dafa is really strict,” my friends said. “It would be good if everyone in society learned Dafa. However, every applicant is buying papers, except for you—so you do not have a chance.”

On top of that, the individual responsible for the registration advised: “Save the 200 yuan registration fee. There is no way without a paper. Wait to register next year when you buy a paper.”

I persisted and told the staff that they may be surprised by the end result.

She said, “There is no use, even if you know a judge well. No one dares to promote people as openly as before, because of the severe anti-corruption rules.”

She could not convince me to withdraw, so she registered me anyway. The results came out and shocked everyone: I ranked 27th out of 46 applicants, and thus qualified for the advancement.

They thought that this was unbelievable. I told them that this happened because of the extraordinariness of Dafa. I then suggested that they read Zhuan Falun. Three of my classmates soon decided to practice Dafa.