(Minghui.org) As Falun Dafa practitioners, we have a mission. In addition to cultivating ourselves well, we are here to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has poisoned a lot of people with lies, Dafa practitioners’ truth clarification is essential.

We have encountered all kinds of people while telling them the facts about Falun Dafa and the persecution. There have been people who listened to us and those who refused to listen. Some people have appreciated us, while other people have cursed at us, threatened us and even reported us to the police.

During these efforts, we have eliminated a lot of attachments through cultivation. For instance, when I began clarifying the truth, I was afraid people wouldn't understand us. When I met people who refused to listen and cursed at me, I felt humiliated because I had the attachment of losing face. After talking to people for a while, I got better at it. However, I then developed the attachment of zealotry. Whenever I discovered a new attachment, I cultivated to rid myself of it, constantly correcting myself by using Dafa principles.

Getting My Salary Back

First, I will explain how I clarified the truth to the 610 Office where I work. The company I work for is a large enterprise that employs tens of thousands of people. On July 20, 1999, when former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin and his regime started defaming and persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, many practitioners went to Beijing to petition the central government to stop the persecution. There were many practitioners in the company, and soon a 610 Office was established there.

In order to stop practitioners from going to Beijing, the company 610 Office released a rule that stated, “Anyone who goes to Beijing to petition or insists on practicing Falun Dafa will be fired and put under supervision.” After that, the company put up posters showing practitioners being fired.

By this time, my salary had been withheld for a year and a half because I was a practitioner. Therefore, I decided to clarify the facts to the 610 Office to get the salary I was owed.

First, I called to let them know that I was going to visit them. When I arrived, the atmosphere was very tense. When I described how my salary was being held, the man called a clerk in my unit several times, asking her to come over. I told him that Falun Dafa is a Buddha school practice, requiring us to be kind to everyone. I also said that we were students of the practice and might not do everything perfectly.

I said that if he was my brother, I probably would have gone there a lot sooner to tell him not to persecute Falun Dafa because he would incur karmic retribution by doing so. He said that practitioners distributed so many pamphlets, like snowflakes falling from the sky, which disrupted society. I asked him if he had read any of the pamphlets. I told him that practitioners lived frugally so that they could print the pamphlets and save people, which is an example of boundless beneficence.

After that, the atmosphere eased up. He admitted that practitioners bought inexpensive food. He also said that Dafa practitioners were all very nice people.

When he learned that I was four or five years older than him, he was very surprised and started calling me “big sister.” He said practitioners all looked younger than their age. I said that I used to have many illnesses and took a lot of medicine but didn't get any better. After I started practicing Falun Dafa, all the illnesses disappeared. He then said, “All right, you can practice at home.”

It was close to noon, so he invited me to stay for lunch. I declined, explaining that my parents would be worried if I was late getting home. He then indicated that I should go to a branch factory of my company to get my back pay. This made me realize that the leaders at the branch factory also needed to hear the facts about Falun Dafa. He walked with me for a long time and asked me to come and chat with him often. Practitioners’ compassion had moved him.

When I went to the branch factory the next morning and asked the production manager for my withheld wages, he said, “You don’t practice anymore?”

“I still practice. Who said I don’t practice?” I replied.

We went to the secretary office on the third floor. I stated my name and that I was there to get my salary released. I then told him about how people around the world practice Dafa and asked if he had ever read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. The book, which explains the nature of the CCP, had just been released. He immediately closed his office door, fearing others would hear what I said.

I was full of confidence and told him that Falun Dafa was saving people: “When Dafa is spreading, everyone needs to determine their own position.”

He said weakly, “Okay, I will give you half of your salary.” My salary was less than 600 yuan each month at the time. I told him that not a penny should be held back. Eventually, he said yes, but he couldn't guarantee that I would get the money. I thought, “Your word doesn’t count. My Master’s does.” A week later, the full salary was released to me.

I had told my husband what I was going to do when I left for the branch factory. He told me to forget about it and said he wished we could just live a peaceful life, which had been disrupted for a year and a half. He said we could live on less money, as long as I was safe. I told him to not worry, that everything would be fine because I am a practitioner, and that I knew what to do. He asked me to not be persistent if my efforts didn’t go smoothly. He was afraid that I would be arrested again.

My mother-in-law passed away early, and my father-in-law cried when he learned that Falun Dafa was being persecuted. I was arrested, kidnapped and beaten. He had tears streaming down his face every time he talked about me.

We live very close to my mother. She has resided in a first-floor apartment by herself ever since my father passed away. Every time she heard a police siren, she became so afraid that her legs shook. She would hurry to see if the police car was parked at our building.

After I got my salary back, my older sister, who is not a practitioner, said: “Isn’t this restitution to Falun Gong? More than 10,000 yuan! How are you going to spend it?”

All my friends and family worried about me when I was arrested. My five sisters-in-law helped me take care of my father-in-law and visited me during the time I was illegally detained. So I used the money to buy each of them something to wear. When they saw the clothes, some shed tears, and some said, “Falun Dafa is good.” Even though the clothes were not expensive, they all saw the goodness of Dafa.

Clarifying the Facts at the Market

I often go to the market to talk to people about Falun Dafa. Once, I brought many Minghui flyers to distribute. I handed out the flyers while following a man who was distributing advertisements. After a while, the man stopped walking, looked back at me, and started shouting to the crowd,“My flyers are not good. Her flyers are good!” He kept on shouting while I was distributing flyers behind him throughout the market.

I told people, “Please remember Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good. When disasters come, you will be protected.” Many people came to me to get the flyers as if they had been waiting for me. All the flyers were quickly taken.

Another practitioner was once giving out Minghui calendars at the market. Normally, people like to take these calendars, but one middle-aged woman refused to take one. I thought she must not know the facts about Dafa.

I told her that it was okay that she didn’t want the calendar, but she needed to know about quitting the CCP to be safe. It was the CCP’s atheism that had misled people, who then dared to do bad deeds. I told her that good is rewarded while evil is punished; if the reward has not appeared, it is because the right moment has not yet arrived.

“Heaven will eliminate evil people, and only quitting the CCP can keep you safe,” I said.

She answered, “Is that so? Then I quit. I am a Party member. All three families of my relatives quit as well. They are all Party members. Please help them quit.”

She then asked me to give her a Minghui calendar. I said, “Sure. I wish you peace.”

Using Currency to Save People

I also hand out paper money printed with truth-clarification information. When I can’t afford to give away many bills, I find vegetable vendors and exchange bills with them. There was a man who was very happy to exchange bills with me. He said, “I will take however much you have. You can take half a kilogram of vegetables from me for free every day from now on.”

At first, he always counted the bills to make sure I had given him the right amount; but later on, he stopped counting the money. He said, “You Falun Dafa people are different. You are trustworthy. You never miss a penny.”

Since then I often go to the market to clarify the facts. Some vendors shout “Falun Dafa is good!” whenever they see me. When I buy produce from them, they ask if it’s enough food for me without even weighing it. Wherever Dafa practitioners go, people see them as trustworthy.