(Minghui.org) I spent the morning of December 5, 2017, with five other Falun Dafa practitioners in the city, where we spoke to people about Falun Dafa and advised them to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

I had a quick lunch after arriving home at around midday and was just setting off for group Fa study when my heart began racing.

Experiencing Sickness Karma

I immediately realized that this was interference by the old forces and sent righteous thoughts to clear away the interference. I also looked within.

Things had been going very smoothly when I clarified the facts to people. As such, I had subconsciously developed an attachment to showing off and was not studying the Fa as much I used to, thereby allowing the old forces to take advantage of my loopholes.

My wife was very worried about me, as my situation wasn't improving after a few days. She remembered that I had experienced similar symptoms 20 years ago, before becoming a practitioner. She wanted to take me to the hospital.

On the way there, I questioned myself: wasn't I viewing my condition as an illness? Wasn't I accepting the old forces’ arrangements? I shouldn't let an everyday person treat me. I sent forth a righteous thought asking the doctor not to administer any treatment to me.

The doctor listened to my heart and ordered an ECG, which showed my heart rate at 222 beats per minute. He advised to stay in the hospital. I replied, “No, I won't be staying.” I told him that I had been practicing Falun Gong for over 20 years and had not once needed any medication or hospital treatment.

“I won't object to any practice you follow,” the doctor replied, “but you have an illness that needs treatment. It would be very dangerous for you if you went home– this illness will not disappear on its own.”

I spent the next eight days at home with my heart racing. I couldn't eat, drink, or sleep much and could only gasp for air. My stomach began to hurt, and I developed a hernia. I also had difficulty passing urine. My entire body began to swell, and my legs were as cold as ice.

I realized that my thoughts were not righteous. True practitioners do not have any illness. No matter what happens to me, it's a good thing, as Master is cleansing my body.

I continued to look within. Had I truly adhered to Master’s teachings? If so, why did I go to the hospital to seek treatment?

Master has told us that our illness symptoms are all an illusion and are so-called tests created by the old forces to interfere with our cultivation and destroy us.

Giving In to the Old Forces’ Arrangements

I have witnessed five or six fellow practitioners pass away from sickness karma over the past few years. Before they died, they experienced the same symptoms that I was currently having.

Some practitioners were unable to endure it–their human notions prevailed, and they either gave up on cultivation or went to the hospital.

One of them was very diligent, but she went to the hospital three times in the space of ten days, saying that she was afraid to die at home. In the end, she passed away.

Another practitioner did not go to the hospital. One day at breakfast, he asked his wife, who was also a practitioner, if she thought he would be able to overcome this illness. She shook her head and said she didn't think so. As soon as she said this, the practitioner's head fell to one side and he passed away.

Another practitioner in her fifties was forced to go to the hospital by her family. As her family dragged her out of her home, she clung to the door frame, yelling, “If I go to the hospital, I will never make it back home.” As a result, she passed away within a day of being admitted.

Practitioners’ words and thoughts can determine the outcome. That is why our thoughts need to be righteous at all times.

Master Uses the Old Forces’ Arrangements to Help Practitioners Elevate

My understanding is that Master uses the life-and-death tests arranged by the old forces to help us elevate in our cultivation.

I was involved in an accident not long ago. A delivery driver ran into me while riding his motorbike. As I lay on the ground, I immediately thought that I am a Dafa practitioner and that I will be alright as Master is protecting me. I got up right away, but the young man lay on the ground and refused to get up.

He was worried that I would seek compensation. He continued lying on the ground even after I reassured him that I did not want any of his money. When passersby began berating him for 'playing dead', he quickly got on his bike and left.

After I got home, I found that both my legs were badly bruised and painful. But with strong righteous thoughts, I recovered very quickly.

Master said,

“When you conduct yourselves righteously Master can do anything for you. If your righteous thoughts are truly strong, if you're able to put aside the thought of life and death, and if you're solid and unshakable like diamond, then those evil beings won't dare to touch you, because they know that other than killing you any type of persecution will be useless. The evil will have no choice but to leave you alone.” (Touring North America to Teach the Fa)

The practitioners who passed away from sickness karma did not have 100 percent faith in Master and the Fa. At the critical moment that determined whether they would live or die, their human notions emerged, and they could not put aside the thought of life and death. As such, the old forces took their lives away, and there was nothing Master could do to stop them.

I had a lot of interference from my family during my tribulations. The old forces used my relatives, who would cry and wail at me to seek medical treatment. When that didn't work, my son said, “I’ll give you two more days. If you’re no better by then, I'm taking you to the hospital by force.”

Two days later, my son and his colleagues put me in the car to take me to the hospital. I sternly said to them, “From now on, no one is allowed to mention the word ‘hospital’ again. Master is looking after me, so you all shouldn’t worry. I’ve managed to endure the past twelve days without any hospital care. I'll be fine.”

I looked within again and strengthened my resolve that with Master and the Fa, I would overcome this tribulation.

On the thirteenth day of my illness, my heart rate dropped to 150 beats per minute. By day sixteen, it had dropped to 110 beats per minute, the next day to 90, and then 80. I was able to sleep and eat again, but my body was still swollen. I knew that this was part of the old forces’ plan to persecute me. I completely rejected them and their arrangements.

Master said,

“For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference IX )

I continued to look within and found attachments to comfort and lust, among other things.

I thought that I had gotten rid of my attachment to lust some years ago, but after reading experience-sharing articles by other practitioners, I realized how serious the attachment was.

On the eighteenth day, I sat down to send righteous thoughts in the afternoon. Half an hour later, I began passing lots of urine. For the next four days and nights, I urinated frequently. The swelling completely disappeared after three weeks, and I was back to normal.

Friends and relatives who witnessed my miraculous recovery thought that it was unbelievable. My eldest daughter borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun from me and began learning the exercises. My son and daughter-in-law now want to practice Falun Gong as well, and they have also issued declarations on the Minghui website that nullified whatever they have said or done against Dafa and its founder, Master Li Hongzhi.

I must thank Master for helping me overcome this tribulation! I must also thank the practitioners who encouraged me and strengthened my righteous thoughts at critical moments!

From now on, I must be even more diligent and do the three things well so that I can return home with Master.