(Minghui.org) The Minghui website recently published the article “Notice: Call for Submissions to Commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2018.” The notice itself was much longer than previous similar notices. I found it quite touching, and tears filled my eyes as I was reading it. Past experiences kept flashing in my mind, including small, big, ordinary, and dangerous matters. I was not able to calm down. I wanted to talk about my experiences but did not know where to start.

I was very impressed with the paragraph from the Notice: “Your own story or experiences may seem small, transient, or trivial. Yet as long as we describe our thought process, the meaning, and its impact, our readers will understand what Falun Dafa is about. They will learn what kind of people disciples are, be made more aware of the persecution, and come to better understand that Falun Dafa is good. This is important for everyone, for their current situation and for their future, so that they may be saved.”

Water in those great rivers keeps flowing for thousands of years and have never dried up. Aren't they composed of tiny drops of water? Simple words cannot describe the cultivation stories of millions of practitioners nor the changes Falun Dafa has brought to them and others.

I could not hold back my tears as I looked back on the cultivation path I had walked. Words cannot sufficiently describe my experiences. Some of the experiences shine as stars, which will neither fade away with the time nor become old with age.

As I’ve participated in one Dafa project or another, I’ve not always sensed their larger significance. But as I was writing this article, I found it very encouraging. I had persevered in such a difficult environment. I had no reason not to cultivate diligently now. In the process of writing the article for World Falun Dafa Day, it was I who benefited. It gives me a chance to review my cultivation, to wake myself up, to help me recall “cultivation as when I first started,” and to help me further treasure this cultivation opportunity. It also helps me realize that I must do what I am required to do at every stage of the Fa-rectification process and that I must steadfastly cultivate myself from the very beginning to the end.

Most of the practitioners around me have read this notice. Some of them asked me to write sharings for them. I read the notice first before I started writing for them. The notice itself was touching and gave me threads of how to write.

I was also moved by the practitioners' stories and the boundless power of Dafa. Every practitioner's experience is unique, and their understandings of the same events are different. I was surprised that such unique beings came together for Dafa. All practitioners have their own cultivation paths, and their forms and degrees of enlightenment are all different. Yet all came from Dafa. I am amazed by Dafa's profoundness. I am fortunate to cultivate in Dafa.

Most practitioners did not know what to write or did not have clear thoughts on the things they wished to write. But as they started to write, their wisdom opened up and they had a lot to say. They wrote about how excited they were when they first came across Dafa, how their illnesses disappeared, and how they were amazed when they felt Falun rotating in their bodies.

Some shared how they cultivated their xinxing and became better people under the guidance of Dafa principles. Some shared how the inmates in forced labor camps and prisons woke up, and the evil became weaker and weaker. Some talked about how people changed after they learned the truth about Falun Dafa, and how excited they became after they had been saved. There were a lot more stories. Looking back, my own experiences encouraged my faith and belief in Dafa and renewed my resolve cultivate more diligently.

As we walked our paths for a long time, we might have forgotten our initial excitement and the direction we would follow. Sometimes we just stopped. But writing experience sharing articles can encourage us to continue walking and remind us that we should treasure every minute and not leave any regret for the future. Once it passes, after all, it will never return again.

Most of us recovered from illnesses after we started practicing Falun Dafa. But as the Fa-rectification has come closer to the end, some practitioners have passed away due to illness karma. So, practitioners: Why don't we get up earlier in the morning to join the group practice?

Looking back, we studied the Fa earnestly. The practitioners in prisons relied on their memories to recite the Fa. However, some practitioners nowadays are indulged in everyday trivial things, and are less spirited and further away from Dafa. Shouldn't we treasure every moment that we have Dafa books to read?

When practitioners shared how pious and respectful toward Dafa they were as beginners, and how pure their hearts were, they really had to take pause and look within. What many found was that they had slacked off and were no longer as motivated in cultivation. Shouldn't we treasure the opportunity and be thankful? The world is chaotic. We practitioners no longer need to search for the Dao or the Way, because we have already obtained Dafa. Shouldn't we treasure this opportunity of a millennium?

When I was helping other practitioners write experience sharing articles, it was like I went through another spiritual baptism. I realized that the things ordinary to me, or things I’d been taking for granted, might not be that simple. People might have been waiting for this day for many lifetimes. It is extremely hard to obtain the Fa. How can I enlighten to the Fa principles and return to my original self if I have so many attachments? This was why I became less motivated and slacked off in my cultivation. I took this special time for granted and failed to treasure Dafa deeply enough.

Some practitioners are able to write, but they don't think their experiences are worth sharing. Some have used the excuse of “I haven't done well.”

My realization about writing experience sharing articles is that they are not to praise anyone or about how well you’ve done. We should write about how good Falun Dafa is, how Dafa changes people's hearts, and how Dafa saves lives. The theme should always be “Falun Dafa is good.”

I hope all practitioners will cherish the opportunity for submitting articles for World Falun Dafa Day. We still have over ten days before it closes. Please share your experiences and let more people know that “Falun Dafa is good.”