(Minghui.org) There is not much time left before the deadline to submit articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day. After submitting an article for a practitioner, I felt deeply touched by her experience and realized that I should write about this.

Helping this practitioner edit and submit her article gave me the opportunity to look back at my own cultivation experiences and make the choice to share my own journey.

Practitioner Aqing

Aqing lives in the capital city of our province. I visited her a few days ago and we shared our cultivation experiences. She told me that the Minghui website was accepting experience sharing articles to commemorate Falun Dafa Day.

“I saw the notice on Minghui yesterday,” she said, “and you came over today. I don’t know how to write since I’ve never been to school.”

Aqing told me about an article that she read on Minghui. When Teacher gave Fa-lectures in Qiqihar, Teacher would ask practitioners to write down their experiences to see how much they understood the Fa.

A practitioner handed his article to Teacher, he commented, “It’s not very good.”

Teacher said, “It counts though because you wrote it down.”

I realized that Aqing wanted to share her experiences, but needed someone to write it for her. She needed my help. Although we had known each other for over a year, I was not familiar with her cultivation experience.

I asked her to have her husband write down what she wanted to say first, then I would type it for her. A few days later, she told me that she was ready.

She wrote that, although she had never been to school, she taught herself to read most of the Dafa books, including Zhuan Falun, after cultivating for about three years.

She also shared when she slacked off with Fa study, became muddle-headed, and was even diagnosed with a fatal illness. When she strengthened her faith in Teacher and the Fa, the illness karma disappeared in a very short period of time.

Aqing shared when she went grocery shopping. A meat vendor begged her to buy the vendor’s meat because she wanted to sell all her meat quickly. Aqing gave her a charm with Dafa information, and told her to recite “Falun Dafa is good; Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”.

The vendor agreed to do it. The next day, just as Aqing entered the market, the meat vendor yelled, “Come over here!” She told Aqing that Falun Dafa was magical. “Thirty minutes after you left, my tooth stopped hurting. Please give me some of your materials because I want to read them when I have time.”

Aqing cultivated and also did the three things diligently. Many positive changes took place in her after she began to cultivate in Dafa, which helped her husband become a practitioner as well.

Letting Go of Human Notions

From her article, I saw my own shortcomings. Due to human notions and attachments, I had found it hard to write down my personal cultivation experiences. After editing and submitting Aqing’s article, I began to restructure mine.

When my thoughts became clear, everything began to flow smoothly, and there seemed to be endless things to write about.

If you have not started writing your article, hurry up and do it now. Teacher is waiting for us. There is no time to waste!