(Minghui.org) I wish to share my cultivation experience with those practitioners who work in financial management. I am also reaching out to those in involved in pyramid schemes. I am writing this as a gentle reminder. My intention isn’t to show off.

My husband used to play the stock market and made some money. When he got too busy, I took over and made money as well. That was before I started to practice Falun Dafa.

I wanted to make more money. So I put our savings and some of our business money into stocks and bought many shares of a certain stock at 18.6 RMB per share. However, the stock market went down each day, and that stock dropped to 6.2 RMB per share. I didn't sell the stock. Rather I bought more at the lower price, thinking I would sell them when the price per share rose. So I kept buying more shares. My heart rose and fell with the stock market. I could not eat or sleep well and became very anxious.

I started to practice Falun Dafa on May 4, 2009. I was very fortunate to have this precious chance to cultivate. After studying Master's articles, I realized that I shouldn't play the stock market. I decided to sell all my shares when the prices went up. The next day I turned on my computer and the share price was still low.

I said to Master in my heart: “Master, I will sell all my shares if the price goes up and I will leave the stock market forever.” All of a sudden the computer screen went dark.

I thought this was a hint from Master. But I was worried that all my shares would be gone because I didn't log out of the online share market properly. I cried and cried for a long time until I became exhausted. My heart was broken. My attachment to personal interests was very strong.

At that moment I heard a voice say, “Coming across Dafa is a chance of once in a millennium.” This woke me up. I called out to Master because I was worried that Master would give up on me. I no longer worried about my stock shares. I said to Master that I would follow Master to return to my original home. I went back to my computer and touched a key. The computer came on as normal. Then I sold all my shares and lost two thirds of my money. I quit investing in the stock market completely.

I was very calm. My husband was tired when he came home from work. He leaned against the door and asked me if I had really sold all the stock shares. I gave a firm “yes” and told him that I was now a genuine practitioner.

Dafa is powerful, yet solemn. Though I lost money on the stock, I gained more income in my business. After I let go of my attachment to personal interests, I was able to focus better when memorizing the Fa and doing the exercises. I tried my best to do the three things well. My husband and son also became Falun Dafa practitioners. My family was in harmony.

When other practitioners asked me to share my experiences six years later, I told them my story of selling the shares of stock. Many were moved to tears. Some praised me and said that I was remarkable as a new practitioner, and that they would sell their shares and follow Master to our original homes.

A former practitioner visited me one day and asked if my husband and I would like to invest 30,000 yuan in stocks, and by doing so, we would gain hundreds of thousands yuan. He had given up Falun Dafa and tried to drag practitioners into investing in his plan. Quite a few veteran practitioners agreed to invest with him. I talked to him about it from the perspective of the Fa. But he said that it was not a pyramid scheme and that practitioners overseas were doing the same.

Practitioners, please stay clear-headed. We should not ruin ourselves as a result of our attachment to personal interest or gain. We must not forget our goal and what we have been waiting for. Please wake up. Time is limited. Master is expecting us to return home.