(Minghui.org) After recalling the 20 years on my cultivation path, I wish to share some selected experiences.

Reasons for Practicing Dafa

My husband is not a Falun Dafa practitioner. However, he believes in the goodness of this cultivation practice and that it is something special. He endured extreme pressure from his work unit over the past years given the fact that Falun Dafa was banned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They put him on administrative leave without pay for two years, and they did not promote him despite his being highly capable. He was also ostracized by his colleagues.

My husband commented, “Master Li (the founder of the practice) said that a cultivator will experience good fortune,” he said, “but why are most of the cultivators enduring tribulations? Many lost their families and were fired from their work. Furthermore, some practitioners were persecuted, beaten and imprisoned, and some lost their lives. Does suffering mean cultivation?”

He does not cultivate and is not familiar with the standards of Dafa that a practitioner should follow nor does he understand the meaning of letting go of attachments. He does not know what we gain by cultivating.

“What you see is only the surface,” I said. “It seems that we lose so much in society, but you saw the power of Dafa manifested in me. You have seen how much I have benefited since I began to cultivate. I am in good health, and my character has changed for the better. Our family life is harmonious.”

I continued, “I do not seek what other people seek, as I no longer am after profit or have fear of losing face. I do not fight with others. What I have gained is true freedom, freedom of my spirit. There is nothing in this world that controls me. That is why I will never give up cultivating in Dafa!”

Rewarded for Believing in Dafa

Whenever I received Master Li’s new article, I read it to him. I noticed that he was able to take profit and gain more lightly. Dafa gave him a very good reward at the end of last year, which changed his view completely.

His work unit decided to evaluate 50 level 6 employees, resulting in a higher salary and more benefits. About 500 people submitted their application. The assessment criteria was very strict. We knew that he was a very good candidate and so he applied. We had taken matters lightly and did not fight for anything over the years.

My understanding was that cultivators would not live a comfortable life, so I was used to experiencing more difficulties. My husband refused to join the Chinese Communist Party, and thus lost many good opportunities to advance in his career. He said that he could not do things against his conscience.

When the assessment results were made public, he was among the 50. He was very emotional and said, “Master Li is taking care of me. He gave this to me. The knot in my heart is gone and I am so thrilled. ”

Master Plans Everything

Because of this experience, we enlightened that Master has planned everything for us. We gave up many attachments and chose the right path.

Even though my husband does not practice, he is in excellent health. Whenever it appeared that he would come down with a cold, he only felt uncomfortable for a couple of hours.

He often tells his friends that he won’t encounter serious problems because his wife is a Falun Dafa practitioner.