(Minghui.org) I would like to address the attachment to lust, which became a devastating issue for two Falun Dafa practitioners.

The old forces will take advantage of any loophole, especially when it deals with lust, to persecute practitioners. Negating the old forces’ persecution of practitioners’ attachment of lust is tremendously important.

Old Forces Use Loopholes for Persecuting Practitioners

Two practitioners fell into the trap of lust. The man was arrested and incarcerated for a few years, while the woman stopped cultivating in Dafa and became a nun.

Regretting his past behavior, the man decided to cultivate solidly by doing the three things well after his release. However, he was arrested again and sentenced to another six years.

When sending forth righteous thoughts for this man, I saw a woman hanging on a pillar in the hallway of an ancient house. This woman turned out to be the other practitioner. She gave up Falun Dafa cultivation and lost the opportunity that she had waited for thousands of years.

She did not have a future. The old forces held the man responsible for her losing her chance to cultivate in Dafa. That was why he was arrested again and incarcerated.

Negating the Old Forces' Persecution

Practitioners must negate the old forces’ interference and persecution.

Teacher said,

“So, what can be done? Dafa is merciful, and Master looks at your being in its entirety, and you will still have chances before the Fa's rectification of the human world arrives. But you can't make those mistakes again. You just can't. And during this period of time especially, the evil will capitalize on your emotion to aggravate its persecution of you and will cause your desires and attachments to be particularly strong, to the point where you can't handle yourselves well and will take an evil path. Master has seen that. If you can walk your path well and cultivate well, that sin will belong to the evil. But if you still don't walk your path well, that sin will be your own. Of course, the evil that is interfering with you will be eliminated, and after that anything you do will be yours.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2004 International Fa Conference in New York)

It is clear that the old forces will take advantage of practitioners’ human attachments and make them commit crimes. Then, they will put blame for the mistakes on the practitioner. The old forces are cunning. They set up traps to lure practitioners, and then blame the practitioners for falling into their traps.

In order to negate the old forces’ persecution, we can send forth righteous thoughts by ourselves and with a group. We cannot let the old forces take advantage of any shortcoming.

Lesson learned

Teacher arranged for me to see the consequences of practitioners’ attachment to lust. This meant that I need to let go of lust in my own mind.

Although practitioners have done tremendously well in rectifying the Fa, the old forces exacerbate practitioners’ minor errors to persecute us. Therefore, it is crucial that we completely negate the old forces and their arrangements.

The old forces use other practitioners’ attachment to lust as a weapon to destroy us. Eliminating the attachment of lust is to deny the old forces’ persecution of practitioners through this avenue.