(Minghui) Some fellow practitioners in their recent articles have focused on the ending time of the Fa-rectification. They seem to believe that Fa-rectification has been going on for too long and should have ended already.

Master has often brought up this issue in his previous Fa teachings. He has clearly told us not to be attached to the issue of time. Instead, we should focus on making the best use of every minute we have to do the three things.

When the Fa-rectification will end is not up to Dafa disciples, nor is it to be manipulated by the old forces. It is Master's call.

Master taught us,

“The arrangement at that time was for ten years. Fa-rectification was to take ten years and the Fa-rectification of the human world was also to take ten years, for a total of twenty years. Master had arranged all of this systematically. But all of it was ruined when the old forces got involved. I could have ended it after ten years. If I had decided that it was to stop, it would have. But a problem would have come about. And what would that have been? The old forces saw it too, and so they made a large group of practitioners fall behind by persecuting them to the point that they couldn’t bear it anymore. And they also made a large number of lives that should have been saved un-savable. Those things were their doing. So would you say I should have ended it or not? If I had called it done, it would have ended, and the universe that had remained [to be rectified] would have been exploded, naturally. The goal of the old forces was to use their approach and not let up until the last of the lives of the cosmic body had gone through Fa-rectification, and they weren’t going to let me finish things up within that time. Then should I have ended it or not? I couldn’t, for so many Dafa disciples had fallen behind, so many lives would have been lost, so many sentient beings couldn’t have been saved, and the cosmos would have shrunken to something small and been incomplete and damaged. Should I have ended it, in that case? That’s why I always say that I’m taking the approach of beating them at their own game.

But that said, judging by things at present, or by the progress on my part, based on the current state of affairs, it would seem that the old forces’ arrangements have just about run out, wouldn’t it? Everyone is calling for Despot Jiang to be arrested, but this whole affair will end once that happens; it will be that quick. (Applause) It’s quickly approaching now, truly quickly now, but there will be many regrets.

Dafa disciples shouldn’t always be attached to time and neglect to complete what they should be doing. I am extending the time for you, to give you a chance to quickly do those things!” (Fa Teaching Given at the 2016 New York Fa Conference)

Master explained to us why it is not yet the time in Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference.

Master said,

“The old forces don’t want you to save that many people anyway, but I am holding out against them. Otherwise, they were going to end things last year. But what would we do if hardly any people remained? The world would be empty. Humankind is supposed to create a glorious era for Dafa, but if no one were left, how could that be done?”

From this Fa teaching, we can see that Master actually has blocked the old forces who do not want us to save more people and have tried to end the Fa rectification.

The consequence for ending the Fa-rectification too soon would be very severe. A large number of lives who are not yet saved will be destroyed. Practitioners who fall behind would never return to their origins.

We should remove our human notions and study the above lectures more diligently. We will then realize that our lives would not be as good as they were at the old times when the persecution is ended. We should ask ourselves if we have lined up with the old forces to haggle with Master. Why is there persecution and resistance? Aren't those providing a path toward consummation through cultivation and salvation of sentient beings?

The ending time of the Fa-rectification is arranged by Master. We Dafa disciples should just follow Master's direction to do the three things well and save more people.

As long as the Fa-rectification is ongoing, we will continue with what we have been doing and follow Master closely.