(Minghui.org) Since 2005, I have been telling the public face to face about Falun Dafa and its persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I have tried to think from other people's point of view when I approach them. It has proven to be very effective. The following are a few of my experiences.

A Piece of Cardboard

On one hot summer night in July 2017, I saw some people relaxing on a street corner where there were some stone benches that were still hot from the baking sun. So I took out two pieces of cardboard and handed one to a man standing nearby for him to sit on. He was very thankful and sat down beside me.

He told me that he was from the countryside and had bought an apartment in the city. I realized that he was not an average peasant and must be a CCP official. He told me that he had joined the CCP for the sake of convenience. So I asked him if he knew anything about Falun Dafa. He did and noted that many practitioners had been arrested. I went on to tell him how Falun Dafa practitioners conduct themselves following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, how they think about others first when conflicts occur, and how they look within themselves for any shortcoming they may have.

He was very impressed. I went on to tell him more about the conduct of Falun Dafa practitioners. One woman found 60,000 yuan on the street early in the morning, but she returned it to the owner without even accepting a reward. Also, practitioners I know do not take any office supplies from their job to use for their own purposes. For more than an hour, I told him many touching stories about Falun Dafa practitioners and my own cultivation stories. He listened attentively.

When I finished, he commented, “I am very touched. What Falun Dafa practitioners do in the current society, only immortals can do.” Then, he took out his cell phone and showed me that he had just retired as mayor of a county-level city.

He talked about corruption in China. He said that officials at every level try to pocket some money from government funds and that the anti-corruption campaign barely scratches the surface. He said that he now had a different opinion of Falun Dafa. He realized that he had been brainwashed and encouraged me to clarify the facts to more people.

He said that although he had been misled, he had never arrested a Falun Dafa practitioner, as he had never seen them committing a crime. Even though he received a tip on a local leader, he just told his subordinates to pretend that they didn't see anything when they went to her home.

After that, I asked if he would quit the CCP. He was okay with it. I further asked if he would learn Falun Dafa. He said he was not ready but that he would keep in mind that “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

After we talked for more than two hours, I encouraged him to spread the word whenever he could, especially in his network, and also to ask them not to persecute practitioners. He agreed and looked forward to talking to me again in the future.

Used Furniture

One day, I walked by an apartment and heard some people arguing. The person moving in found some old chairs in the room and insisted that the previous occupant move them out right away. But the woman, who was a university instructor, was unable to do this.

I immediately offered my help to sell the chairs for her. She was very pleased to hear that and did not want any of the proceeds. As it happened, I knew a business owner who needed chairs like these, so I called him. He came and paid 100 yuan and moved the chairs away. Then, I took the bus to take the money to this teacher, but she would not take it. I let her know that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and that we try to help people whenever we can. I further let her know the facts about Dafa and quitting the CCP.

She nodded as I spoke. She said that morality has gone down the drain under the communist rule. She agreed to quit the CCP and take my informational materials to spread the word.

Kind Words

One evening, I walked by a truck parked on the street. A man from the countryside was selling watermelon. He was selling three for ten yuan. I went up to him and commented, “This is way too cheap. It is not easy to grow these melons.”

He replied, “This is the first time I’ve heard words like this. I’m very touched!” He invited me to sit down to have a chat. He even brought a chair over from the peddler parked next to him.

I talked to him about the facts of Falun Dafa and why he should quit the CCP. He was still interested in hearing more after I had talked for two hours. He said he found what I had to say very convincing.

It was almost midnight, and he had not yet had dinner. I urged him to go eat, but he said that listening to me was more important. He invited me to come again the next day.

The next morning I brought him informational materials. He happily accepted them and offered me a watermelon. I paid him five yuan, but he refused to take it. He said, “You have talked to me so much that I would offer you all the melon I have in my truck if you would like.” He had tears in his eyes, and I did, too. He promised to share the materials with others in his village.