(Minghui.org) A few days ago, a coworker handed me an approved expense form and told me that it was for Company #2. I said, "We have to be absolutely sure because I'm handling the accounting for five companies now." The founder of the company joined us and said to me, “When you handle things, we are one hundred percent confident!”

I'm not an accountant, but I am in charge of all our companies’ internal accounting, plus that of the cashiers and the procurement and inventory of office supplies. In China today, many in my position would use it to line their pockets, but I do not do so.

Upholding Honesty

One day, I took a taxi for work and asked for a receipt. The fare was 12 yuan, but the driver wrote me a 20-yuan receipt and said I could claim more money for reimbursement. I smiled and said, “I will only ask for 12 yuan.”

Nowadays, it is very common for buyers to inflate the unit price and quantity to embezzle the extra amount. Many vendors and salespeople know this unspoken rule and will forge receipts on their own initiative in order to increase or keep business.

For example, when I buy something for the company, the store clerk would ask me, “How should I write the receipt?” or “Is this amount okay?” I always tell them, “Just the actual amount please.”

Living by the Principles of Dafa

One day, the founder handed me 40,000 yuan in cash to deposit in the bank. When I counted the money in my office later, I found an extra 100 yuan in the stack. After double-checking the amount, I immediately gave the extra bill back to her. I was the only one in the office, so no one would have known if I had kept it for myself. However, I do not want to take anything that is not mine.

Facing similar temptations, I have managed to keep a clear conscience at all times.

The reason I can do this is that I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and Dafa tells us to elevate our morality by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, to become an altruistic person who is good to others and society.

Living Up to Dafa’s Reputation

The founder of the company hired me and entrusted me with such great responsibilities because she knew I was a Falun Dafa practitioner, that I had high moral character, that I am conscientious about work, and that I would not take bribes or take advantage of the company.

I was sent to a forced labor camp due to the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution of Dafa. After my release, I started looking for a job. She saw my resume online. My resume did not have my name on it, but as soon as she saw the sentence, “I neither take bribes nor take advantage of others,” she knew who it was and hired me.

At the old job, I followed Dafa's requirements and worked very hard. I was doing multiple people's jobs, and three divisions were fighting to get me, which caused a sensation at the workplace. She knew all about it.

She also told me she knew about Dafa practitioners’ character because she had heard about a practitioner returning a 10,000-yuan gift. She said she was touched by Dafa's mighty power.

I was originally doing administrative work at her company. Because of her trust in my ethics and character, she gave me the most important work–finance. She said, “This is the backdoor to my company. I'm now giving it to you. Please help me safeguard it!”

I had never done accounting before, so I learned by doing. I worked carefully and meticulously, made no errors in cash or the ledgers, and neither took bribes nor took advantage of others.

When personnel from the local 610 Office tried to harass me for practicing Dafa, she told them sternly, “If everyone would practice Falun Dafa, we would not need to worry so much.”