(Minghui.org) My husband is a good man who doesn't talk much. He liked to read various qigong books. He’s always believed that qigong was good for one's health, so he started a qigong practice at the end of 1993. Qigong was very popular at that time.

I didn't know what qigong was, and wondered why people practiced it. I often questioned my husband out of curiosity why he was practicing.

Influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) atheist culture, I did not believe the kinds of things I was hearing about qigong—things such as acquiring good health or supernormal abilities—but many people at work began practicing it.

My brother also joined a qigong class for a few days. He said that qigong was wonderful, and that he'd learned a lot from it.

Finding My True Master

I decided to start practicing qigong, and witnessed some hard-to-believe things. As my celestial eye opened I experienced many seemingly inexplicable occurrences, like swirling celestial discs and ribbons, different dimensions, and other things. These things came on quite powerfully and easily.

Because of my abilities, I was approached by practitioners of various qigong schools who wanted to teach me their things. I felt that none of them was my true master, so I declined politely. I truly wanted to find my own master.

I sat in the full lotus position one time, and thought, “I want to see my master. Please let me see him. I will be very happy even if I just have a glance.” I then waited quietly.

After about five minutes, I saw a colorful light from afar drifting closer. The light grew brighter and brighter, gradually becoming clearer and clearer. Then I saw a golden Buddha with curly blue hair. He sat cross-legged on a big lotus flower, with his hands in the meditation position. The Buddha then slowly disappeared.

When I told my brother’s friends about what I saw, one of them said, “That is the Master of Falun Dafa. You must have a pretty good predestined relationship. I'll go home and get the book for you.”

In the book I saw the portrait of the Master of Falun Dafa. It was the same person that I had seen, only the hair color was different, as the Master in the book had black hair.

I shared the book, Zhuan Falun, with my husband and finished reading it that day. I felt this was exactly what I wanted. My husband was happy for me, and said that he wanted to learn it too. Both of us began practicing Falun Dafa.

I was afraid that my exercise movements might not be accurate, so I only did the sitting meditation. My husband couldn't wait, however. He followed the pictures in the book and began doing the exercises in their entirety. Both of us were happy every day, and nothing bothered us any more.

The Joy of Cultivation

Our company was not doing well before I began practicing Falun Dafa. My husband and I discussed our situation, and decided that I would go out of town to get a new job at the beginning of 1996.

We also agreed that I would look for other practitioners in the new area to learn the exercise movements, and that he would join me after I settled down.

So I went to my cousin's home, and asked him to help me to find a job. When I meditated in the morning my cousin's mother-in-law saw me, and asked what exercise it was.

I told her that it was Falun Dafa. She informed me that there were many people in the park who practiced it. I headed to the park the next morning, and heard beautiful music. I followed the sound and saw a big patch of red light in the distance. Master sat on top of the red light, and a huge Falun was spinning beneath Master.

I was so excited. I then saw about ten practitioners doing the exercises in the red light. Tears streamed down my face as I approached the exercise site. I crossed my legs and began to meditate. My tears didn't stop until the music stopped. I didn't want it to end. All of the other practitioners had left when I opened my eyes.

I felt regretful on my way home for missing the chance to talk to them, so I went there again the next morning. This time, when the music stopped I found that the other practitioners were all quietly looking at me.

One of them asked, “Little sister, what exercise are you doing? You are doing very well.” I said it was Falun Dafa. They looked at me curiously and said, “How come you didn't do movements?” I told them that there was only my husband and I that did Falun Dafa where I came from, and we didn't know how to do the exercises.

They taught me the movements immediately.

My husband and I became immersed in Dafa. We ate simple meals, never bothering to spend too much time cooking. We also dressed casually and simply. We had no worries, and only happiness.

Other than going to work and sleeping, we spent all our time studying the Fa and doing the exercises. We felt that we were the luckiest people in the world.

I saw or sensed Master's Fashen and many Falun around us every day when we did the exercises. I also saw different wheel-sized flowers at the practice site.

I went back to my hometown later, and learned that some practitioners were doing the Dafa exercises there. My family went to learn from them. There, I saw many Falun helping to fix people's health issues. Master's Fashen stood by smiling, as the children around us also saw the Falun.

While studying Dafa I gradually saw some of my attachments. I would get rid of them as soon as I discovered them.

It was just as Master said,

“Study the Fa and gain the Fa,Focus on how you study and cultivate,Let each and every thingbe measured against the Fa.Only then, with that,is it actually cultivation.” (“Solid cultivation” in Hong Yin)

Sometimes I saw the flowers and plants welcoming me when I meditated. I also felt my body become larger and larger. I told my husband about these scenes, and he was happy for me. But he always warned me of the attachment to zealotry.

We lived happily until 1999.

Letting People Know about Dafa Amid Tribulations

The CCP began viciously slandering Dafa on July 20, 1999. Practitioners suffered unprecedented brutal persecution after that.

I clarified the facts a little during this time, mostly through distributing Dafa informational materials. Once, we were spotted by the security guard in a district, and they called the police. We were arrested and sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp.

I did not study the Fa enough during that time, and was unable to rationally understand the Fa. Although I tried my best to be a good person in the labor camp and tell people about Falun Dafa, I made a big mistake by eventually writing a statement pledging not to practice anymore.

After my release, I knew that I had many strong attachments. I meditated and read the Dafa books sometimes, but I never read articles on the Minghui website. I knew that the most important thing was to cultivate myself well, but I was actually getting further and further away from Dafa.

Fellow practitioners were very worried about me and my husband's situation. They began to study the Fa with us, and encouraged us to talk to people about Dafa. Although I went out with them, I always had something blocking me. I didn't totally see the significance of telling people about Dafa.

I was very stubborn, and nothing could sway me if I couldn't see a clear meaning to doing something. I would do it only after I had thoroughly thought it through.

So I didn't open my mouth to talk to people about Dafa. I only told those that I knew that I was a Dafa practitioner, that Dafa is good, and that our Master wanted us to follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in our daily lives. Almost all those that I came in to contact with would say that I was a good person.

I began to work for a company in 2007 thanks to a practitioner named Lin [alias]. I often saw practitioners Lin and Wen [alias] at work. They did the three things that a practitioner should do very well, and they let everyone in our company know about Dafa.

I did not actively do the three things at that time. I only talked to those whom I liked about Dafa. After seeing what Lin and Wen did, I saw my shortcomings. They were of great help to me.

Lin's sister came to my home one day in September 2011 and said that she wanted to go out with me to talk to people about Dafa. I was not up to it, but went all the same. However, I became energetic when I saw her benevolence in saving people.

Throughout that day, we worked very well together in talking to all kinds of people. I really gained a lot with her help. I knew that I was wrong to harbor the mindset I had. I knew that I had not caught up with the progress of Master's Fa-rectification.

Master only cares about our hearts, so as long as our hearts want to save people, Master will help us.

It was just as Master said, “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Zhuan Falun)

Gradually, I went out to talk to people about Dafa and the persecution by myself. I also began telling more people about Dafa at work.

Udumbara flowers soon blossomed in several places in our office. I was surprised to see that some had even blossomed on the chopsticks I use. I knew it was Master encouraging me, wanting me to cultivate as diligently as when I first started.

I know that I must work hard and cultivate myself well. As such, I’ve recently added another thought when I send forth righteous thoughts: “I must do well in following the path that Master has arranged for me.”