(Minghui.org) Ms. Sheng Xiuhuan, a Falun Gong practitioner from Aohan Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, was sentenced to three years in prison on November 8, 2017. On February 6, 2018, a confidential informant told Ms. Sheng's family that she was going to be transferred to the prison.

On February 7 her family called the detention center and requested a family visit. The person who answered checked with the person in charge and denied the visit.

The court fined Ms. Sheng 1,000 yuan and allowed her to appeal to the higher court, the Chifeng City Intermediate Court. The family then appealed for Ms. Sheng.

Ms. Sheng's family called Zhu Xuguang, the Chifeng City Intermediate Court judge. The clerk who answered the call said Zhu was in a meeting and promised to have Zhu call back in the afternoon. Zhu never did.

On February 9, when the family went to the detention center to pay a penalty, the receptionist said Ms. Sheng had been transferred to Huhhot City Women's Prison on February 6.

The family then asked judge Zhu about the status of Ms. Sheng's case. Judge Zhu replied that Ms. Sheng herself had been notified of her sentence. The family asked why he hadn't sent a notice of the verdict to her family and why Ms. Sheng had been transferred to prison before the higher court had issued a verdict. Zhu said he would mail it out. The family still has not received any notice of a verdict.

Home Invasion and Arrest

At 9:30 a.m. on April 11, 2017, police officers Zheng Xiaodong and Zhao Xiuxian from Aohan Banner Domestic Security Division in Chifeng City and officers from Sidaowanzi Town Police Station went to Ms. Sheng Xiuhuan's home. They ransacked it and took photos. Only an elderly person was at home.

The police called Ms. Sheng and her husband to return home, arrested them, and took them to the police station. They also confiscated their notebook computers and printer.

At 3:00 p.m. that day, Ms. Sheng was given ten days of administrative detention. Her husband was released and sent home.

On April 13, Aohan Banner Domestic Security Division officers changed her administrative detention to criminal detention and took her to the Aohan Banner Detention Center.

On June 11, the Aohan Banner Procuratorate transferred her case to the courts. In mid-July, the Aohan Banner court approved her arrest. On July 18, the court placed Ms. Sheng on trial. Prosecutor Sun Liang misrepresented the law and slandered Ms. Sheng.

Ms. Sheng's lawyer from Beijing defended her, and almost 20 people attended the hearing. Zheng Xiaodong, Zhao Xiuxian, and two other police officers from the local domestic security division also attended the hearing. Police officers Liang Hongwei and Gong Chuanxing from the local domestic security division were on duty outside the courthouse.

At the end of the day, the trial was adjourned and rescheduled.

On October 8, Ms. Sheng was sentenced to three years in prison and fined 1,000 yuan. Her family then appealed to the higher court and mailed a letter of appeal to the Filing Tribunal of Chifeng City Intermediate Court, the higher court.

In the meantime, Ms. Sheng was transferred to Huhhot City Women's Prison on February 6, 2018, even though her family had never received a verdict.

Parties Responsible for Persecuting Ms. Sheng:

Chifeng City Intermediate CourtZhu Xiudong, judge in charge of Ms. Sheng's case: +86-476-8289044Zhang, clerk: +86-476-8333996

Zhaoyan, filing tribunal 1: +86-476-828901, Qiao Huiting: +86-476-8289096Geng Guoshan, filing tribunal 2: +86-476-8332667, Liu Jinlong: +86-476-8289021

Chifeng City Intermediate Court ChiefsPan Yongru: +86-476-8334496, +86-18604763111;Li Hongyan: +86-476-8330017, +86-13704767127;Tan Yucai: +86-476-8343577, +86-18604768668;Yan Jianfeng: +86-476-8838799, +86-13604769196;Gu Weidong: +86-476-8339236, +86-15049635077;Huang Sumin: +86-476-8825133, +86-13804767169;Meng Xianye: +86-476-8336149, +86-18804769188;Bao Jingwen: +86-476-8289099, +86-18904767799

Criminal Tribunal, Aohan Banner CourtJiang Xiangwen: +86-13947600940;Tang Hongwen: +86-13947632161;Xu Miaohong: +86-13847655799;Zhang Xiumei: +86-15598350203

Aohan Banner ProcuratorateWang Huize, chief prosecutor: +86-13304765840, +86-476-4322098

Deputy Prosecutors:Liu Wujun: +86-13804760505, +86-476-4322068, +86-476-4336669;Liu Zhandong: +86-18847659969, +86-476-4322368;Xu Guojun: +86-15947461181, +86-476-4322058;Bai Zhenfeng: +86-13947600318, +86-476-4322100

Aohan Banner CourtDai Chengchun, chief: +86-15947562210, +86-476-4321918;Sun Dongfeng, deputy chief: +86-13947672811, +86-476-4321931;Li Runxian, deputy chief: +86-13500669959, +86-476-4321922;Liu Chengjiang, deputy chief: +86-13500663086, 86-476-4321919

Aohan Banner Police BureauTeng Haikui, chief: +86-13604760019, 86-476-4321951;Tao Guohui, deputy chief: +86-13804760300, 86-476-4336650

Aohan Banner Domestic Security DivisionLi Guocai, captain: +86-13948469266, 86-476-4321961Yu Lianchao, deputy captain: +86-13848063456Zheng Xiaodong, police officer: +86-13848361038

Sidaowanzi Police StationWu Jianzhong, chief: +86-13947655337