(Minghui.org) The Police Department in Dehui City, Jilin Province, and the local railway police station have actively participated in the persecution of innocent Falun Gong practitioners over the years. Their unlawful conduct has violated basic human rights and constituted serious crimes. The following are some typical examples.

The Plight of an Elderly Couple

Mr. Yu Bo and his wife Wang Yanmei, both seniors, were on their way to celebrate the Chinese New Year with relatives out of town on the morning of February 13, 2018. The police found out that they practiced Falun Gong when they checked their ID cards at the Dehui Railway Station and arrested them.

They took the couple to the duty office at the station and searched them, took photos of their ID cards and their train tickets, and confiscated some of their personal belongings.

The head of the railway police and five other officers interrogated the pair. They eventually let Mr. Yu's wife go, but took him to the police station.

At the station, a plainclothes officer continued to interrogate Mr. Yu and fabricated a “confession document.” When Mr. Yu refused to sign it, the police decided to hold him for ten days in the Dehui Detention Center.

Given Mr. Yu's age and fragile condition, the head of the detention center, not wanting to be held responsible in case anything happened to Mr. Yu, told the doctor on call to examine him several times. In the end, they released him after taking his fingerprints.

Falun Gong Practitioners' ID Cards Tampered with

In order to track down Falun Gong practitioners, police in Jilin Province tampered with their ID cards.

When Ms. Wang Xiaomin from Huichun in Jilin Province was on her way to visit family on May 8, 2017, she was arrested as soon as she arrived at the Dehui West Station. Why? When she purchased her train ticket at the high-speed railway station in Yanji City, her ID information was transmitted to all stations along the line, alerting the police to her presence.

Falun Gong practitioner Li Ji was on his way to Changchun by train in May 2017 when he was arrested and put in detention as soon as he arrived at the Dehui Railway Station.

Ms. Wang Ping, a Falun Gong practitioner from Dehui City, was stopped and searched at the railway station when she returned from Changchun. She was arrested when the police discovered that she was carrying a Falun Gong keepsake. The police also arrested her husband and put them both in a detention center.

When Falun Gong practitioner Chang Yahua took a trip to Changchun on October 16, 2017, he was harassed and searched by the Dehui Railway Station police when his ID card was checked. When the police found that he had downloaded songs about Falun Gong on his mobile phone, they arrested him and took him to the railway police station. Mr. Chang tried to clarify the facts about Falun Gong, but they refused to listen and took him to Dajiagou Police Station and searched his house without a warrant.

China's Constitution guarantees the freedom of belief. When the police carry out the Chinese communist regime's policy of persecution, they are denying Falun Gong practitioners that freedom.