Letting Go of Attachment to “Self”

(Minghui.org) I recently detected a manifestation of “self” or how we wish people to perceive us. Because it affected my cultivation and truth clarification efforts, I knew I had to let it go.

As a teacher, I work hard to maintain the reputation of a good teacher. As a son, I strive to uphold the behavior of a good son. As a husband, I try to keep my persona as the head of household. As a father, I want to preserve the proper image of a good parent.

When I feel that practitioners think that I have cultivated well, I try to show the true reflection of my cultivation. I have noticed that practitioners who are coordinators also try to uphold the ideal of what a coordinator should be. Practitioners, including those who work on the technical side of a project, and whose celestial eyes are open strive to maintain their images.

Every practitioner plays a number of roles in society. These roles are necessary and indispensable. But as we strive to maintain and protect these images, we might discover that we are afraid of hurting or damaging our reputation, self-interest, or emotions. This shows that we are still holding onto the “self.”

As we uncover and identify these attachments, we are on the path of letting go of the “self.” Only when we let go of “self” which is a product of our human notions, can we return to our true self, and our outward image will be a reflection of our inner selves.