(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa in 2010 and initially began cultivating alone at home. However, I soon found obvious weaknesses in my cultivation state. My righteous thoughts were lacking and I was unable to keep up with the overall Fa-rectification progress. With Master’s assistance, I found by chance a nearby Fa study group. In this cultivation environment, I learned the importance of looking inwards, obtained a greater understanding of cultivation practice, and worked with fellow practitioners to save sentient beings.

Recovery from Illness through Eliminating Attachments

Towards the end of September 2016, I discovered a few tiny, itchy blisters growing at the back of my head. Within a few days, the blisters began spreading and the burning, itching feeling intensified. Because pus flowing from the blisters was clumping in my long hair, I cut it short. The rash and itch worsened until one day, I found myself bleeding freely from the many blisters. I attempted to alleviate my condition by scrubbing the wounds with salt water. However my actions only spread the rash further. My worried family urged me to visit the hospital, but I resisted as I knew this was a test of my cultivation state. I began studying the Fa, practicing the exercises and sending righteous thoughts more frequently, hoping this would lead to a faster recovery.

However my condition worsened and a month later, the rash spread to my scalp. Pus began oozing out of the blisters and my head was both painful and itchy. Despite the cold November weather, I felt extremely hot. The rash continued to spread until it covered my entire head, including my ears, eyebrows, forehead and neck. It then began spreading throughout my entire body, including my legs. The small blisters began to expand and merge with each other, until I had entire patches of crusting, shedding, skin, exuding both pus and blood. By then my hair had even stopped growing.

By this point, my family began to insist that I seek medical treatment. Realizing the growing severity of my problem, I too began to have doubts about my present course of action. I quickly moved in with my elder sister, who is also a Falun Dafa practitioner, and began looking within for any faults. With my sister’s help, I uncovered a number of attachments and started venturing out to perform truth-clarification work.

On December 6, I joined a group of elderly practitioners for their Fa study session. The field of energy surrounding the group was amazing, and I found myself able to quickly and clearly absorb Master’s teachings. As I continued reading, the itching and pain in my scalp vanished, replaced by a comfortable, cool sensation.

From then on, I began to attend Fa study sessions more frequently. Through this environment, along with inputs from fellow practitioners, I learned how to look inwards and cultivate steadfastly. I learned how to use my observations of others to uncover my own failings. With help from fellow practitioners, I found, and started walking along the cultivation road arranged by Master.

Soon after, Master appeared in my dreams and instructed me to bravely face my problems. From this dream I discovered my preference to ignore, instead of examine, my wrong behavior. Because of this, I had not been able to discover my deep seated attachment to pride. This attachment was responsible for my illness, and I had harbored it for a long time. This was my most fundamental attachment, and because of it, I thought highly of myself and tried to show off my abilities. Having uncovered this attachment, I immediately spent half an hour sending righteous thoughts in order to remove it. Afterwards, my scalp felt totally cool.

Soon after, the rash on my body vanished, and the wounds on my scalp began to scab and peel off. The blisters on my head began to recede. Within half a month, new hair began to grow from my scalp. Within a month, my body was restored to normal.

Throughout my ordeal, I eschewed all forms of medical treatment. This severe tribulation highlighted for me the importance of walking the correct path in cultivation practice, along with having steadfast trust in Master and Dafa. My rapid recovery amazed my family, who thereafter voiced support for my cultivation practice! My 80-year-old mother was so impressed, she began frequently and sincerely reciting the phrase, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

Recognizing Interference and Doing the Three Things

I began face-to-face truth clarification after receiving encouragement and help from an elderly practitioner. Despite being over 80 years old, this practitioner was very diligent, possessed strong righteous thoughts, and tried to do the three things well. Besides venturing out daily to clarify the truth, she would even clarify the facts to everyone she encountered in her everyday life. Initially I silently supported her by sending forth righteous thoughts. Gradually I gained enough confidence to talk to people myself.

One day, the elderly practitioner and I agreed to venture to a place further away to clarify the facts. However the night before we were due to leave, I came down with symptoms of severe diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. By morning, I was exhausted, aching all over and barely able to move. I knew that this elderly practitioner would be waiting for me and I agonized in indecision.

Hazily I recalled a phrase from Master’s poem ,

“...If your will is not firm,The hurdles are like mountains.How will you transcend this mortal life?”(“Severing” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

I realized that my symptoms were a form of interference, trying to prevent me from saving sentient beings. I quickly got up and went to our meeting place. Along the way, the elderly practitioner offered constant encouragement and helped me send forth righteous thoughts. After our return, I attended a Fa study session. My fever broke the following morning and I felt light and relaxed.

I know I have many deficiencies in my cultivation. However, I am determined to follow the cultivation path set by Master, cultivate myself diligently and save many more sentient beings.