(Minghui.org) I lay on my bed, unable to move. The painkillers didn’t seem to work. Though I took a large dose, the severe pain in my bones kept hitting me. The pain was so unbearable that I could not think. I only wished the pain would stop.

That’s how I was in the summer of 2016. I was suffering from bone cancer, or more accurately, trying to get through my last days in this world.

I am Chen Qinghe, 50, a truck driver from Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia.

I had been very healthy until June 2016, when I felt pressure in my anus. There was also a slight pain. I didn't have time to get a checkup because of my busy work schedule, so I just took some over-the-counter medicine. Within two weeks, things worsened so much that I couldn't drive anymore.

My wife came with me to a good hospital in Hulunbuir on July 7. After the CT scan, the doctor told us that I had advanced bone cancer. All my bones were honeycombed, and the first two bones of the tibia had already turned black. The cancer cells had spread and entered my capillaries. There was no point to surgery: I would only suffer more pain and risk being paralyzed.

My mind was empty. I didn't hear anything else the doctor and my wife said while discussing this news. Two days later, I was in bed, unable to move.

My wife took care of me as she would a baby. She fed me food and water, wiped my body, and took care of my discharges.

Seeing her increasingly pale face and helpless smiles and listening to her empty words of comfort, my heart was broken.

I didn't want to die. I still had my dreams, but the pain in my bones was becoming unbearable. I grieved a lot. The pain felt like someone using a sharp knife to pick something out of my bones, or a gigantic stone that smashed my already softened bones. It was horrible.

My wife consulted doctors in Beijing and got the same answer: there would be no benefit to aggressive treatment.

We returned to my hometown of Cangzhou in Hebei Province on July 29. Doctors there gave the same diagnosis.

We rented an apartment. I continued drinking Chinese medicine, hoping that would help. I increased my painkillers from half a pill to two pills each time. But still the pain kept coming, and I was willing to do anything to stop it.

I came to understand my wife: she wanted me to stay home in the last part of my life and see my relatives and friends for the last time.

“If I can choose, I would choose you again. If there can be a miracle, I will kneel and beg the heavens for it. Let's pray for a miracle,” my wife said to me.

My elder sister practices Falun Dafa. She visited me often and brought the book Zhuan Falun. She told me to keep saying in my heart, “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

The Communist Party had banned Falun Dafa and said so many bad things about it. I just wouldn't listen to her. I told my wife to take the book away.

My elder sister brought me another book, Survivor, the other day. I didn't know why, but I opened it. It had many stories of how people survived terminal illnesses after practicing Falun Dafa. I couldn't put the book aside. I was moved by every story and felt really happy for each survivor. I finished the book in tears.

The next day, September 12, 2016, I opened Zhuan Falun. I had no expectations for my cancer–even the medical experts in Beijing would not treat me. What could I expect? I just wanted to read the book. I read about 50 pages and felt tired. Then, I laid down and slept. It was the first good sleep that I had had in many days.

After my wife woke me up later, I continued reading the book. I wanted to vomit whenever I took medicine. I also didn't want to eat.

I stopped all medication on September 15. I also stopped eating. Though I didn’t take anything, I felt my body getting better, and the severe pain was gone. I continued discharging every day.

On the seventh day, my stomach started making noise. I drank soup. A warm flow spread from my stomach to my whole body. My legs would follow me when I turned on the bed. There was no pain in my back when pressure was applied. My swelling came down, too. I was relaxed and comfortable.

I fell asleep. I saw Master, and he reached out his hand and took something the size of a handkerchief from my leg. When I woke up, my legs were light. I called my wife and showed her that I could move my legs. We were so excited that I kept moving them. We were in tears.

A few practitioners came to my home to study the Dafa books with me. They encouraged me, and I recovered quickly. Soon, I could sit up and cross one leg in the meditation position. I could walk a mile without a break.

I told my story to others. I wanted to let everyone know the power of Dafa. When I was talking to a neighbor, I saw Master appear in the sky. He told me to teach them to do the Dafa exercises.

I know that Master wants me to cherish my renewed life and help other people to understand and learn Dafa. With indescribable gratitude, I sincerely thank Master for saving my life.