(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Hou Xiuying, a resident of Shenzhou City, was illegally sentenced to two years in prison in the Shenzhou City Court on January 12, 2018. She was taken to Hebei Women's Prison right after the trial.

Ms. Hou was arrested on January 14, 2017, for distributing Dafa materials at a marketplace in Gaoguzhuang Township. She was detained at Shenzhou City Detention Center for seven days. Her home was ransacked.

As she returned home from the market on August 24, Ms. Hou was arrested again by four officers from Gaoguzhuang Police Station and detained at Hengshui City Detention Center.

Her husband, who worked in another city, was not informed of her arrest by the authorities.

Persons Responsible for the Persecution

Sun Hanbing (孙寒冰): chief prosecutor, Shenzhou Procuratorate, +086- 13932800269Wang Rongjiang (王荣江): criminal court president, Shenzhou City Court, +086- 18632883588Liu Yicun (刘义存): policeman, Shenzhou Police Department, +086- 18631812118Zhang Dewen (张德文): captain, Shenzhou Domestic Security Brigade, +086- 18531803808