(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners use different truth clarifying methods and have been quite successful. I write letters to prison wardens, prison guards, judges, prosecutors, policemen, Party secretaries, school presidents, teachers, and others.

Compassion Changes a Person

Another practitioner, a college student who used to be in our Fa study group, was arrested. I was told that a prison guard had tortured her. Beside sending forth righteous thoughts, I also wanted to write a letter to the guard, detailing the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution.

I told her that we knew about her actions against Falun Gong practitioners. I wanted to help her change into a kind person, so I wrote, “I do not know your age, but we are all women and have a mother's loving and caring nature. If you are similar in age to our practitioner, then you should treat her like a sister. If she is the age of your daughter, how could you treat her the way you did? I wonder how you developed such hatred, for power or for profit?”

While writing this letter, I had to overcome resentment. I understood that she was deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) but she deserved to learn the truth.

Later I learned from the practitioner's family members that the guard no longer tortured her.

Attachment to Elation

Another practitioner was just released from a forced labor camp. The local police kept harassing her and attempted to take her to a brainwashing center, so she left and became homeless.

When she came to our Fa study group, she cried and asked for our help. We suggested that she write a letter to her workplace and local police about Falun Gong and the persecution. She worried that she could not express herself well, so I told her not to worry. I asked her to write down her thoughts, and I would incorporate it into the letter.

She was arrested by the local police and tortured by the tiger bench method for three days and nights. The head of the local 610 Office was her middle school classmate. He visited her and brought a pillow for her to sit on. This was an effective starting point for our letter – him being a former classmate, to whom she could express her concerns.

I then went into a deeper discussion about Falun Gong, and why the persecution was unlawful. I gave examples of the bad fate that befell those in history who persecuted righteous faiths. I expressed that I was truly worried for him, especially when the CCP loses its power.

I also wrote letters to her workplace, her administrators and co-workers. I explained that the CCP regime uses the media to deceive and poison people. I also spoke of how I suffered in a labor camp, only because I wanted to be a good person and refused to give up my belief.

People told me that I wrote very well and was very talented. This feedback made me feel good, but also made me develop the attachment of elation. I had to quickly change my mentality.

Eliminating Jealousy

A practitioner told us during Fa study that her brother's friend was a member of the disciplinary committee and would visit our city. She thought it to be of value to write a letter explaining the facts about Falun Gong to this person.

Everyone knew that I had written such letters for some time now, and I expected that they would ask me to compose it. I had some ideas on how to approach it. Another practitioner suggested that we should change the approach and not always use one way, so she was asked by the group to write the letter.

I felt hurt, especially as she had never written such a letter before. I was also upset that the others went along with the idea. After I went home, I felt unsettled for a long time. I searched within as to why I was bothered so much and realized that I was jealous. I had lost a chance to validate myself and felt wronged. After I realized my attachment, I understood another of Master's Fa teachings.

Master said,

“I don’t emphasize any specific approach; I use various means to expose your deeply-concealed attachments and get rid of them.” (“Digging Out the Roots” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

This incident exposed many of my attachments, including self-validation, so it was a very good opportunity to eliminate more attachments. As we are cultivating, and not just doing things, our elevation is important in order for us to improve and make progress on our cultivation path.

Cooperation and Coordination

When we worked on rescuing another practitioner, I wrote a letter to the prosecutor who handled the case. Afterward, another practitioner added a title which I thought was a good idea, and so I changed it from “Stop Persecuting -- Cultivation is Not a Crime” to “Be Kind – Hope is on the Horizon.”

Many practitioners liked the letter very much and wanted to spread the letter to more people. I objected because that person did not persecute others. If we widely spread the letter, it might generate a negative response and push her in a different direction.

It was usually not easy to clarify the truth face to face to people in the court system and the procuratorate. Most of the people in the court system feel uneasy when they hear the facts from us.

Writing a truth-clarification letter can achieve a better result. During the court hearing, she did not say a word – it seemed as if she understood a lot of our letter.

I am deeply aware that I am not a language expert nor a writer, but Dafa gave me the wisdom to write effective letters.