(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi said to us:

“Human history does not exist for [people] to take being human as its final goal, nor is human history a recreation ground created for the evil to display its viciousness. Mankind’s history was established for the Fa-rectification, and only Dafa disciples are worthy of displaying their glory here.” (“To the 2005 European Experience Sharing Conference”)

I believe that I have experienced the kind of glory that Master has talked about in my years of rescuing arrested practitioners. It is generally considered dangerous to clarify the truth to the police, but I have been safe, thanks to Master’s help.

Most practitioners hesitate when it comes to clarifying the truth to the police, and the root of their concerns is fear. I was fearless even before I became a practitioner, but I knew that I couldn't save people simply by being brave and impulsive like an ordinary person. I prioritize Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. Master says:

“A Dafa disciple’s righteous thoughts stem from the Fa, and your cultivation is not a matter of how good, as a human being, your ideas are or how brilliant your approach is. Rather, your cultivation is a matter of whether you manage to have righteous thoughts in the face of challenges.” (“Be More Diligent”)

I almost never skip Fa study and I send righteous thoughts four times a day. Sometimes I study several lectures in Zhuan Falun if I don’t think I am in a right state of mind. When I was doing Dafa work, in my mind I was either sending righteous thoughts or memorizing the Fa. Through much Fa study and sending righteous thoughts, there is little fear left in me. I firmly believe that evil can’t possibly touch me and has nothing to do with me.

The following are some of my experiences in rescuing practitioners and dealing with the police.

Confront the Evil and Validate the Fa

Clarifying the truth to the head of domestic security

When my husband was put in a forced labor camp, I went to the local police department and station, the prison administration, and the labor camp to clarify the truth and ask for his release. Every place I went, I was dignified and confident. According to my daughter, who is also a practitioner and went with me a few times, the police were frightened of me instead of the other way around. I did lack compassion for the police at the time and it was something that I needed to improve upon.

In the process of rescuing practitioners, I frequently visited the police station, detention center, domestic security, government office, court, and brainwashing center. I visited the captains of the local domestic security so frequently that I was acquainted with them and they were courteous. Some local practitioners even mistook me as a secret agent because of my casual interaction with the police.

The local police arrested nine practitioners in 2012. Only one practitioner’s son agreed to go with me to ask for the release of his parent. When we were at the police station, the son conducted himself very well, and the policeman politely told us that the practitioners were transferred elsewhere. He even showed us the empty room where they kept the arrested practitioners.

I later persuaded the son’s wife, the practitioner’s daughter-in-law, to join the rescue effort. She turned me down with all kinds of excuses. I wasn’t discouraged and talked to her many times until she agreed. We decided to visit the captain of domestic security at home. I sent righteous thoughts on our way to his home and was determined to save him. The captain answered the door. As we introduced ourselves, I saw that his hands were trembling. He quickly shut the door and yelled from inside, “I am off work. Go to the police department if you need to see me.”

Twenty minutes later he left, and we followed him to the police department. It was almost 9 p.m., yet we saw several officers in his office. One of them asked who we were, where we lived, and our relationship with the arrested practitioner. I was unfazed and told him everything.

The practitioner’s daughter-in-law reasoned with the captain and other officers fearlessly and told them how her father was a loving person and a good neighbor. She demanded that he be released soon so that he could go home and spend the New Year with his family. I took the opportunity to clarify the truth. All of them listened quietly.

In the end, the captain told us that it wasn’t in his power to release the practitioner. We knew that wasn’t true. I told him that he could make it happen with one order and that he shouldn’t shirk his responsibility. He smiled and told us to go home and wait. The next day, that practitioner and three others were released.

Three practitioners in a neighboring county were arrested. The persecution was widespread over there: one of their coordinators even quit practicing. I went over to help and contacted the practitioners’ family members. One of the practitioners’ son was against the practice and refused to work with the rescue effort. I clarified the truth to him until he agreed to work with us.

The family members of the arrested practitioners and I went to the home of the captain of the local domestic security. He wasn’t home and his wife received us kindly. Her father was once a practitioner and she knew some truth of the persecution. I talked to her about the benefits of the practice and she eventually agreed to talk to her husband about our request. We left before the captain came home. Before long the three practitioners were released.

Cherishing Dafa Resources

One day the police broke into my house while I was away and confiscated my belongings. Most of it was Dafa literature and I wanted it back. I visited the head of the local police station and domestic security many times in the following days. All of them were busy getting ready for the coming military parade.

At first I got pushed back and forth between the police chief and the captain of domestic security. In the process I lost my patience, and I eventually found my attachment to fighting and impatience. One day I ran into the captain on the street and demanded that my belongings be returned. I told him my daughter needed the computer to study. He finally promised me that he would ask around. The next day they sent my computer back to me. Everything else was returned to me in a month.

Last May town officials came to my home and confiscated my property. So far I have been to the town government five times and talked to the person responsible. He’s been courteous when I clarified the truth to him but hasn’t returned anything yet. I will continue to clarify the truth and believe that, once he understands, he will return my things.

Evil Eliminated

Deputy Captain of Domestic Security

One time when several practitioners were arrested, one was released on bail to await trial. We heard that the authorities were going to make an example of him and give him a heavy sentence. He was monitored around the clock and followed everywhere he went.

One day I was told that the deputy captain of domestic security went to the practitioner’s home. I quickly went to the practitioner’s home because I wanted to clarify the truth to the captain. As soon as I saw the captain, he asked for my name and address.

I told him everything and wasn’t afraid of him. I didn’t even take him seriously at the time. For no apparent reason, he seemed to be agitated and kept pacing around the house. I asked him to sit down so that I could talk to him, but he refused, so I followed him around the house and talked to him for a while. He later left in a hurry.

After seeing me going after the captain in his house, that practitioner began to develop righteous thoughts. Later on he took the initiative to clarify the truth to people in the judicial and legal departments. After his trial, nothing happened to him. Till this day this practitioner still does the three things well.

Another time I was outside the courtroom where a practitioner was being illegally tried. I saw the deputy captain near where practitioners sent righteous thoughts. I didn’t want him to interfere with the practitioners or take their photos in order to retaliate later.

I walked up to him and said, “What a warm day! It must be uncomfortable for you to be here.”

He looked embarrassed and replied, “You, too.” I walked and chatted with him until I got him across the street, away from other practitioners.

A ‘Tea Party’ at the Police Station

One day about 17 officers broke into my home to arrest my husband. I volunteered to go with them so that my husband could stay and take care of the family. At the police station I told them that I wouldn’t answer any questions. The officer who was taking down my deposition put “silence” on the paper and stopped the questioning.

Several officers came and I began to tell them the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution. It went very well and we chatted as if we were having a tea party. I felt right at home. An officer walked by and overheard us. She came over to me wanting to chat. I talked to her until the next shift arrived. I clarified the truth to them, too. They were all very polite. I was there for eight hours and went home without any problem.

Master Protects Me

One time I went to the trial of a practitioner in Beijing. Dozens of practitioners sitting in the courtroom were arrested. After 30 hours, the local police took me home; the whole time I was in handcuffs and fitted with a GPS. When I tried to remove them, they came off easily. The officers who witnessed what happened were in disbelief.

Many times I was in charge of getting lawyers to represent practitioners. These brave human rights lawyers have long been known to work with Falun Gong practitioners. Often their phones were tapped and they were monitored closely. As a contact person, I was watched, too. That didn’t bother me and I always talked to the lawyers about the persecution and provided them with information from the Minghui website.

The first time I had to talk to and hire a lawyer was 2014. A few practitioners drove me to meet with the lawyer. They dropped me off miles away from the meeting place so that they wouldn’t be targeted by the police. I then took a bus for an hour to see the lawyer. That lawyer had just finished defending another practitioner elsewhere. The police had savagely beat him and the other defense lawyers. He had broken ribs, and his back was injured.

He was still weak. “No hospital would take me or treat me,” he said. Soon after we sat down, I saw a flash not too far away. Someone was taking our photo. I wasn’t scared. I said everything I needed to before I left and got home safely.

Another time a lawyer and I went to the police department to submit a legal document. An officer followed and videotaped us the whole time. The police wouldn’t take the document, so we went to the post office to mail it. The police were still videotaping us. The lawyer took a photo of the police and they ran away.

For three months there was a strange car parked in front of my house, and I frequently saw men walking by looking in the front door. My husband even confronted one of them. One night my husband came home from work and a large piece of equipment was set up facing the front door. The police tried to intimidate us to deter me from rescuing practitioners. With Master’s protection, nothing happened to me or my family.

When I started rescuing practitioners and dealing with the police, I had an attachment to showing off and was self-centered. I later realized that my successful rescue efforts were arranged by Master. Gradually the attachment to showing off and the interference went away.