(Minghui.org) Last year several local practitioners visited the parents of a practitioner who had been wrongfully imprisoned. The parents told them an amazing story during their visit.

They said that bottles of milk sealed in a case given to them by a practitioner had turned into a freshly cooked fish, which tasted unbelievably good. The elderly couple spoke with shaking voices while thanking the practitioners for their tireless efforts during the past two years in taking care of and clarifying the truth to them. They understood that it wasn’t their son’s fault that he was imprisoned, but was due to the Chinese communist regime’s persecution.

The couple’s son and daughter-in-law were arrested two years ago for telling people about Falun Dafa. The news of the arrest almost crushed them. They ran out of tears and didn’t leave their house for a long time.

Deceived by the CCP propaganda, they believed that their son had shamed the family. They couldn’t even face their neighbors. Their daughter-in-law was released the day after the arrest. She went straight to her in-law’s house and tried to explain what happened. The couple scolded her and pushed her out the door.

Several local practitioners began visiting the elderly couple on a regular basis and each time brought some cash. At first the couple abhorred the practitioners’ presence. They didn’t want to listen to anything the practitioners had to say and quickly drove them out of the house.

The practitioners were not discouraged and continued to visit the couple. They also looked within and realized that they didn’t have enough compassion to dissolve the stubbornness and unfriendliness of the elderly couple. They were determined to help them with hearts that can melt steel and iron.

The practitioners visited the couple again just before the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017. They brought a roasted chicken, a sealed case of bottled fresh milk, and fruit.

Though the two weren’t as resentful as before, they still complained that their son had brought shame to the family. The practitioners patiently explained that their son was well known for his kindness and had done nothing wrong, and that they should be proud of him.

The practitioners further explained how their son was simply exercising his constitutional right of freedom of belief and that there was no law in China that criminalizes Falun Gong. They pointed out that the persecution was evil and started by a group of selfish and jealous villains led by Jiang Zemin. The practitioners wanted the two to think rationally and discern right from wrong.

This time the two listened carefully without interrupting.

A few days later the couple took out the roast chicken and it was spoiled. But when they unsealed the case of milk, what they saw inside the box shocked them. Instead of rancid milk, there was a large freshly-cooked fish. They were in disbelief and had no idea how this could have happened.

They said it was the best fish they had ever tasted. Witnessing this miraculous occurrence, they realized that their misunderstandings and complaints were misguided. They felt ashamed. They now understood. Smiles returned to their faces.

The next time the practitioners visited, the two waited for them outside on the street with big smiles. The mother, who was wearing the new clothes the practitioners bought for her, gave the practitioners a warm greeting.

She told the practitioners how pretty the clothes looked and the praise she got from her neighbors. The practitioners had heard about the miracle of the fish and told the couple more facts about Falun Dafa.

The mother was excited, and said to the practitioners, “Now we finally understand and are no longer ashamed of our son. He’s done nothing wrong, but only good. Next time I see my neighbors, I won’t hide who you are. I will tell them openly that you are good friends of my son and you all are good people who practice Falun Dafa!” Both of them had tears in their eyes.

The practitioners, after hearing what the mother said, burst into tears. One of the practitioners told the couple that because they were kind people, Master wanted them to wake up to the truth and be saved. They nodded their heads and quickly quit the CCP and its affiliates using their real names.

After leaving the couple’s home, the practitioners understood the importance of helping the families of imprisoned practitioners. It is a process of cultivating xinxing and an important aspect in truth clarification that shouldn’t be taken lightly.