My Life Renewed

In November of 1995, when my son was in fifth grade, I was diagnosed with a herniated cervical disc. I almost became paralyzed and was confined to bed in the hospital.

During this time, I was unable to take care of my son, so my entire family also suffered along with me. Just being alive was painful.

I met a Falun Dafa practitioner in the hospital in October 1996, and she introduced me to Dafa. Through her, I bought the book Zhuan Falun. Even though I was unable to sit up and had a very difficult time reading, I managed to finish the book and thought it was great. As I read, my health started to improve. I was able to sit up, stand up, and eventually walk.

Two months later, I went to a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference with my neck in a brace. I listened to other practitioners' sharing and experienced the wonderfulness of Dafa. I gained confidence and decided to leave the hospital and go home. After I did that around January of 1997, I began to go to the exercise site every day.

I took a nap one day in late January and saw Master sitting on a big, beautiful lotus flower. He stood up and walked toward me, smiling. I was so excited. When I woke up, I promised Master that I would cultivate diligently to reach Righteous Fruition. The next day, I was fully recovered. I took off the neck brace that I'd worn all this time.

I went back to work at the end of March 1997. My colleagues were so surprised to see me and thought my recovery was nothing short of miraculous. After they heard about how Dafa saved me, two of them also began to practice.

A Better Person

Before I began to practice Dafa, I had a really bad relationship with my mother-in-law. She was very close to my husband and did not like the fact that he was someone else's husband. I had to do all the housework, but she still cursed at me all the time. I really resented her.

Dafa taught me to be compassionate to everyone. I began to understand her and was able to truly be kind to her. I took care of her for eight years, in sickness and in health, until she passed away.

I was employed in a powerful government agency. We had a lot of “black” money, and other branches would often give us gifts. I was happy about that before I practiced Dafa. But I no longer took anything afterward.

I remembered Master said, “there is a principle that says, 'no loss, no gain.' To gain, one must lose.” (Zhuan Falun) I took such personal gains lightly and my mind became more righteous. At the same time, my health became better and better.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999, I was really sad. I enlightened to the idea that I should tell people the truth about the practice. I printed some brochures at work to distribute. When my supervisor found out about it, he didn't report me. He knew that I became a better person after I practiced Dafa and had worked hard without any complaint.

Saving People

As a Fa rectification-period disciple, I must do the three things well. And one of these things is saving people by telling them the truth about Falun Dafa. So I always distributed Dafa materials on my way to work or home and spoke with people about it as well.

When my husband suffered a stroke in 2008, I had to stay home and take care of him. I was anxious about how to save people in that situation. Soon, a practitioner asked me if I could set up a truth-clarification material production site in my home. I realized that this was Master's arrangement and agreed immediately.

I bought the equipment and began to produce materials for practitioners in my area. Even though I had some knowledge of computers through work, I still ran into many technical difficulties along the way. However, with Master's help, I was always able to solve them.

I was really busy during that time: studying the Fa, doing the exercises, sending forth righteous thoughts, printing materials, purchasing supplies, doing housework, cooking, and taking care of my husband. Sometimes I even forgot to eat.

I felt that Master was always with me. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the internet blockade was severe. When I downloaded Dafa materials from the internet every Friday night, Master helped me access the internet around 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning until I finished downloading. I enlightened to the fact that Master will take care of everything when we do things righteously. We were able to produce materials and distribute them to practitioners.

After my husband passed away, several more practitioners began to make Dafa materials in their homes, too. I had more time to go out to tell people the facts about Dafa again. Once, display boards that defamed Dafa were put up on one street in our city. They were about a yard apart and ran for about a quarter mile. I knew that I should not let them poison people's minds. I went out one night and cut them down.

Later, I collected contact information for all the staff who worked in the police station and residential committees of that neighborhood and mailed them letters with factual information about Dafa.

In November 2016, a practitioner asked me to help print Dafa desk calendars and brought me a printer, because my printer didn't make very good quality copies. But we couldn't produce all the calendars on time with just one printer, so I tried to use my own printer anyway.

A miracle happened: My printer started making copies that were good enough, and we finished all 5,000 desk calendars on time. All the local practitioners worked together and distributed them, and they had a really positive impact. I sincerely thanked Master for his help.