(Minghui.org) I have been a diligent Falun Dafa practitioner since 1998 and have also been trying to elevate my xinxing. Consequently, I have benefited mentally and physically from practicing Dafa and recovered from all my illnesses. My family lived in great harmony.

Because of the persecution of Falun Dafa, I clarified the facts about this cultivation practice to people since 1999. I told them how I benefited from the practice, that Master Li Hongzhi was wronged, and that Falun Dafa was wonderful.

However, I made myself so busy with helping raise public awareness that I overlooked clarifying the facts to my family.

Changing Husband's Attitude Towards Dafa

My husband is a police officer. He was both deceived and scared by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda. Fearful that he would lose his job, he participated in arresting practitioners.

When I found out, I became upset and argued with him every day, which worsened his attitude towards my faith. My attachments of losing face and fear, as well as my concern for my fellow practitioners would make me fight with him. My resentment made matters worse as he continued to arrest practitioners. In fact, his negative opinion of Dafa grew worse.

My heart was in pain, as I understood the importance of clarifying the truth, yet my closest family member was still deceived by the CCP and committing sins against Dafa.

Therefore, I calmed down, studied the Fa, followed the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, and constantly looked inward to find my attachments.

I discovered that I had a number of attachments, including a competitive mentality, resentment, fear of losing face, and sentimental feelings for my husband. Thus, I kept sending righteous thoughts to eliminate anything that interfered with me and manipulated my husband, which pushed him towards participating in the persecution of practitioners. I also asked Master to strengthen me.

I kept clarifying the facts to him to make him truly understand the harm he brought to himself for participating in the persecution. Over time, his attitude changed. Later, he was transferred to another post and he not only stopped persecuting practitioners but protected them behind the scenes.

Tending to My Family

I recognized that I had not done well in tending to my family. I reversed my attitude, treated my husband with kindness, took good care of him, and did all the household chores. I also took every opportunity to explain the facts to him. When he became a bit impatient with me I did not argue with him. He gradually changed from being not receptive to being quiet to expressing his own opinions, and finally to understanding the goodness of Dafa.

I talked to him with a heart of only wanting to benefit him, telling him more about Dafa, why one needs to quit the CCP, and how Jiang's accomplices were brought to justice. I also read Master's Fa to him.

Master said:

“Then what is looked at? The focus is on whether, when a person is offered salvation, he is able to recognize this Fa that's here to save him! Because everything of the future is created by this Fa, beings in the future will exist in the living environment that this Fa provides for them. Whoever is able to make it into the future will have done so only after having been washed clean by the Fa and having assimilated to the Fa. If you can't recognize even this Fa, then of course you cannot stay. Where would you go if you were to stay? The universe of the future is created by this Fa, so there would be no place for you, and you would no longer exist.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference” from Teaching the Fa at the Conference VIII)

After he had listened to Master's Fa, he agreed to quit the CCP and its youth organizations. He then said, “We should have brought Jiang to justice by now.” After that, he agreed to write a solemn declaration of regretting to have brought harm to Dafa.