(Minghui.org) I was detained for clarifying the facts about Falun Dafa. During this difficult time, fellow practitioners took the initiative to communicate with my husband. While working with an attorney and fellow practitioners to rescue me, my husband gained a better understanding of Dafa and personally experienced Master Li's (its founder) compassionate protection.

My husband received a phone call from an attorney one day, inviting him to go visit a government office together. He left home in a hurry and forgot to turn off the gas stove. He had been heating a kettle of water, which hadn't boiled by the time he left.

He worked with the attorney and my fellow practitioners the entire day regarding my release and was impressed by their righteous words and actions. He realized that Dafa practitioners were innocent and witnessed how Dafa practitioners looked within and treated everything with compassion and without complaints. He admired Dafa practitioners from the bottom of his heart. At the same time, he realized that the government offices and employees were committing crimes by persecuting Dafa practitioners.

My husband returned home at the end of the day and smelled something burning as soon as he entered the house. He ran to the kitchen and turned off the stove. All the water in the kettle was gone. Part of the kettle had turned black. He wiped the kettle and found it was still usable. Thinking that our home would have been on fire if it wasn't protected by Master, my husband was moved to tears with gratitude.

He started to burn incense sticks in front of Master's portrait every day. He repeated in his mind, “Falun Dafa is great! My wife is innocent. Master, please help her get released and stop the government employees from persecuting Falun Dafa.”

He wrote an encouraging letter to me every month and put his letter in front of Master's portrait to ask Master if the letter was fine before sending it out. He told me in his letter to face the incident with ease and implied that my family and friends (fellow practitioners) were all thinking of me and sending forth righteous thoughts for me. He reminded me to hold Master and Dafa in my heart and to never confuse myself with everyday people.

Given the terrible environment in the detention center, and my lack of solid self-cultivation, my righteous thoughts dwindled after a few months. All the people I interacted with were inmates; there was not a single fellow practitioner. There was no way to read the Fa. My human notions began to outweigh my righteous thoughts. After reading my husband's letters, I saw that Master was telling me something through my husband's words. I realized my mission of validating the Fa wherever I go, and that as a Dafa practitioner I only deserve this title when I stay firmly on my path leading to the divine and establish mighty virtue by disintegrating the evil factors behind the persecution.

I began to recount the Fa I could remember and looked within for my attachments, such as the attachment to showing off, jealousy, having a competitive mentality, zealotry, my attachment to ego and supernormal capabilities. I realized that my failure to correct myself according to the Fa had led to my detention. Master's words came to my mind. I treated myself as a genuine cultivator, let go of attachments to fame, fortune and sentiment, and looked forward to the day when I could study the Fa and do the three things with my fellow practitioners. Master must have seen my sincere wish to cultivate well and helped me to get released soon afterward.

During the time I was detained, fellow practitioners visited my husband and daughter often. They brought my husband food when he wasn't feeling well and on holidays. Through the interactions with these Dafa practitioners, my husband and daughter gained a deeper understanding of Dafa.

After I was released, my daughter told me, “Mom, Falun Dafa is really good! Dafa practitioners are wise and kind. They are of one heart and truly treat others' business as their own.” She said she would like to study the Fa together with me sometime.

My husband's colleague came to see me and told me, “Your husband is great! He never said one word of complaint about you, and he praised Dafa practitioners' high realms!”

I would like to thank my fellow practitioners for all they have done for my family!