(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in March 1999. All of my ailments, including a heart problem, bronchitis, gastritis, and neurasthenia, disappeared shortly afterward. The persecution of Falun Dafa began several months later, and I have been arrested and detained four times for talking to people about the practice and the persecution.

Each time I was arrested, I looked within to find my shortcomings, sent forth righteous thoughts to negate the old forces arrangements, and did not cooperate with the police. I also went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

Under Master's protection, I was released each time.

First Arrest

My husband believed in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda, so he was against me practicing. He would not let me study the Fa or do the five exercises at home. He had a short temper and often yelled at and beat me. He once beat me until I fell down and could not get up.

While I was doing the sitting meditation exercise one time, he pushed me off the bed, grabbed my hair and hit my head on the floor, and whipped me with his belt. I had to leave home to avoid further beatings.

He then lied to me, saying he wanted to learn Falun Dafa to get rid of his illness and asked me to return home. However, he had not changed his behavior or attitude toward Dafa. He and my sister reported me to the police in 2003, resulting in my arrest and the arrest of two other practitioners. We were taken to a local detention center.

Five male guards interrogated me and tried to force me to give my fingerprints. I refused to cooperate and, miraculously, they couldn't succeed. Then they tried to take my photo, but I closed my eyes. They ended up using an old photo from home to fabricate my case.

Another time, I was videotaped during interrogation with many people around. I asked what type of propaganda program they were trying to make. I explained that the circulated story of a local elderly woman who allegedly became a successful businesswoman overnight after giving up the practice was a fabrication. In reality, the head of the village had arranged for several people to visit her greenhouse and took a photo of her in front of it. A fake article was then published the next day to deceive the public. That woman had never stopped practicing Falun Dafa.

I went on a hunger strike twice during my detention and tried to appeal my case. After holding me for an entire year, the police took me to a forced labor camp, but I failed the physical and was released.

Second Arrest

In order to reach the forced labor camps quota, several police officers and the local 610 Office personnel broke into my home on March 11, 2009, and arrested me. I resisted and shouted, “The police are arresting good people!”

Inside the police car, the head of the 610 Office began hitting me on the face and head. I continued to shout the same phrase as he was hitting me, when suddenly he yelled in pain and pulled his arms back.

I was taken to a local detention center and immediately went on a hunger strike to protest my arrest.

The police tried to transfer me to a forced labor camp but failed because of the icy road conditions and closures. They then tried to send me back to the detention center, but I was denied entry. I was then released.

Third Arrest

I was arrested for the third time in 2010 for telling the police facts about the persecution. I was taken to a detention center and went on a hunger strike. On the sixth day of my hunger strike, the police transferred me to a forced labor camp.

They said that, if I cooperated with them during the physical exam and said that I was in a bad way, I could avoid going to the forced labor camp. I refused and held steadfast to my belief in Master. I would only do what Master arranged for me.

When we arrived at the camp, I opened the car window and yelled out, “Falun Dafa is good! Tell the truth--that my master is innocent!” A guard tried to stop me, but I turned to him and kindly said, “Falun Dafa is good!”

He turned around and said, “Go ahead!”

I continued to yell the sentences even when I was carried upstairs for a physical exam. My husband showed up and also tried to stop me, but I ignored him. After the exam, I was allowed to go home. The police who escorted me there said that they admired my courage.

Fourth Arrest

Several practitioners and I were arrested in 2013 after someone reported us for talking to people about the persecution. I refused to give my name and was sent to a detention center for 15 days, but was released after the fifth day of a hunger strike.

My husband refused to let me inside the house and threw dirty water and dirt at me. He also said he wanted to divorce me. A neighbor came to my defense, and I was allowed to enter, but he threw a whole basin of water on me once the neighbor left.

Five days later, I went back home to clean the floor. My husband threw another basin of water on me, and I cleaned it up again. He castigated me until midnight.

He continued to yell at me the next day, but I didn't say anything the whole time. He then asked, “Your master will not let you say a word, will he?” I replied in my mind, “My master wants me to be tolerant.” When I had that thought, he immediately stopped yelling and even went to the supermarket to buy me groceries.

Since my cultivation had reached a certain level and conformed with the universal law of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, my husband's attitude toward Dafa completely changed.

He now supports me in my truth-clarification work and has read Dafa books even though he still hasn't yet become a practitioner. He has also filed a lawsuit with the State Supreme Procuratorate against Jiang Zemin, the former communist dictator who initiated the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999.