(Minghui.org) The author of this sharing is a 66-year-old woman in rural China. She developed severe heart disease 27 years ago with other health problems—a duodenal ulcer, kidney inflammation, and stomach problems. Her illnesses were the result of long-term anger and resentment against her mother-in-law’s family for unfair treatment. Her health deteriorated. She became totally bedridden and was on the verge of death.

No one could have imagined that someone at the door of death could regain her health and become the pillar of her family. Here is her story.


Heart Disease Due to Anger

I married my current husband when I was 39. His family was very poor, and, not long after we married, my mother-in-law’s family put us out. We were given 130 kilos of wheat and a dilapidated four-room house to live in. The house cost us 3,500 yuan and we had to cover a debt of 11,000 yuan.

It was an unbearable burden for a poor rural family like ours at that time. I often cried to myself and was very angry at and resentful of my mother-in-law’s family.

I developed a severe heart disease and passed out in the street many times. My neighbors did not give me long to live.

We sold the meager belongings we had and borrowed money for my treatment. Doctors said that if I did not rest, my condition would turn even worse.

My mother-in-law’s family did not show any sympathy and often came to cause trouble. I thought of taking my own life when things became unbearable. I did not act on this for the sake of my three young children, who were 13, 4, and 3 years old.

My condition worsened until I could not even take care of myself and was confined to my bed day and night.

Health Regained in Three Days

I will never forget February 24, 1999. That day, a Dafa practitioner came to my house and encouraged me to practice Falun Dafa. She told me the practice teaches people to improve their character and health by following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

I was not 100% convinced at the beginning but decided to try for the sake of my family and my children.

I went to the practitioner’s home that evening to learn the Dafa exercises. My husband had to help me up. Just as we were out of the house, a warm current ran through my whole body—it was a very nice feeling. I told my husband I felt strong enough to go by myself.

People were doing the second of five sets of exercises when I got there, so I just followed along with them. When it was too much for me, I would sit down, watch others, and try to learn the movements.

I felt very good that evening and started to read the book Zhuan Falun as soon as I got back home. I read it day and night, and it took me four or five days to finish the book because of my limited education.

On the third day, another practitioner told me there was a gathering of practitioners in a nearby village to share self-cultivation experiences. I woke up around 5:00 am. My husband was cooking for the children and he told my daughter to keep an eye on me.

Suddenly, I experienced symptoms of a heart attack. My daughter was scared and told me to take medication. I could not talk, but I knew in my heart that Master was cleansing my body.

I gestured to my daughter that I would not take any medication. Soon, my hands were sweating, and my whole body felt warm–at the same time, all my symptoms disappeared. My daughter cried out happily, “Dad! My mom is alright now!”

I felt very energetic and asked my daughter to bring me some water as I washed my face, my hair, and my feet. I had not been able to do such things for a long time. Then, I asked my daughter to take me to the practitioner’s place for Fa-study and sharing. I didn’t feel cold at all even though I was wearing much less than usual.

Soon after I joined others in the group, I felt a huge pulse moving around in my body, and I began to swing back and forth. Some practitioners began to worry about me, fearing that I might be having a heart attack, but I soon stopped.

When I returned home, I felt like I was reborn, like a healthy person.

All My Illnesses Disappear in 20 Days

On the twentieth day after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I was invited to share my experiences with other practitioners in the city. I was very happy for the opportunity. As my family was still rather poor at that time, I borrowed 20 yuan for the bus fare and walked the rest of the distance to the meeting location. It was incredible that I was able to walk so long without even feeling tired.

We studied the Dafa books, did the exercises, and shared cultivation experiences. While studying the Fa, I started to feel abdominal pain. I asked Master to help me so that I would not feel pain when it was my turn to read so I could focus on Fa study. Indeed, when it was my turn to read the Fa, the pain was gone; it returned when I finished reading. I knew that Master was further cleansing my body so that all my earlier illnesses would be cleared out.

Since that day, I have been completely free from all my earlier illnesses. No words are enough to express my deep gratitude toward Master.

Master Helped Me Pass Tests

I was illegally arrested in 2008 for telling people about Dafa, how I benefited from the practice and its persecution by the communist party.

All my Dafa books and informational materials were taken away by the police, who also extorted 10,000 yuan in cash from my family.

Out of fear, my husband forbade me to go out or contact any practitioners.

I felt very miserable not being able to study the Fa and often shed tears. I asked Master to help me.

One day, I suddenly showed symptoms of a previous heart attack. I started shaking and could hardly talk. My eyes rolled up. My husband and my son were very scared.

I knew in my heart that Master was helping me. I asked my son to get my sister-in-law and my niece, who are both practitioners. When they arrived, I asked my niece to recite Lunyu. She could not recite the whole piece, so I helped her. When we finished, I was back to normal.

My niece rushed home and brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun. Holding the book in my hands, I began to cry loudly. My sister-in-law said to my husband, “You have seen what happened. You can’t prevent her from studying the Fa. She owes her life to Master!”

I also reminded my husband of how much I had changed, from someone who was totally dependent on him to someone who can do more than him both in the house and in the fields. Hearing all this, my husband gradually changed his attitude. He also helped change the attitude of my son-in-law, who also tried to stop me from practicing Dafa for fear of ruining his son's future.

I told him firmly that I would never give up Falun Dafa. If he was so worried about it affecting his son, I could make a statement to sever family ties with them. My husband said to my son-in-law, “I cannot stop her, let alone you. Don’t worry about it.”

Another Xinxing Test

I once fell from an electric bicycle in a sharp turn. The bike fell and hit my foot. I did not maintain strong righteous thoughts as a Dafa practitioner at the time, and my foot became badly swollen. I was unable to go out for over two months, and I didn’t dare to walk. I could only move a few steps at home with the help of a stool.

One day, I seemed to hear Master’s voice: How are you still not able to let go of your attachment? I enlightened from the hint and dropped the stool. I said to myself: I’m fine. I don’t need the stool. I started to walk on my own, and the swelling also disappeared shortly afterward.

I have changed from a bedridden invalid to a strong pillar of the family. I’m deeply grateful to Master and feel bad for letting Master down, not being diligent, and not being focused on cultivation due to various forms of interference around me.

This line in Master’s poem often appears in my mind to remind me to be more diligent in cultivation:

“With a preoccupied human heart, crossing the ocean proves arduous” (from “The Knowing Heart”)

Thank you, Master, for your compassionate protection and salvation.