(Minghui.org) I'm 61 years old. Everyone in my village remarks on my energy and high spirits. While others my age are slowing down and taking it easy, I'm able to work in the fields. The secret to my youthful appearance and vigor is that I have practiced Falun Gong for over 20 years.

I had been miserable all my life, and at one point I was bedridden for over three months. This was right before the amazing turning point that happened when I found Falun Gong.

Struggling from the Start

My mother told me that, when I was an infant, I had a strange condition that would cause me to suddenly stop breathing.

The first time it happened, she thought I was dead. She prepared my little body for burial, but just as she was about to bury me, she noticed that I was breathing. My mother said that this happened more than 20 times - I seemed to die and then come back to life.

When I was only one year old, I became ill and ran a very high fever. My mom rushed me to a doctor. Nine other children in my village had this illness. I recovered, but the other children died.

I had pertussis when I was five years old. Even though my mother took me to a doctor, it seemed that I never fully recovered. Afterwards, I coughed constantly and I was diagnosed with asthma.

As a result of my asthma, I easily caught whatever flu or illness was going around, and I constantly took pills and got injections. My mother gave me every Chinese medicine or folk remedy she heard of and took me to various doctors, but nothing helped.

Instead of being a boisterous teenager, I was weak and sickly. Even on the hottest summer days, I had to wear warm clothes. My parents had little income but spent everything they had to treat my illnesses. As a young adult, I could not do anything strenuous. I was always sick and depressed and felt inferior.

Making My Family Poor and Miserable

I grew up and got married, but my illnesses continued and I felt bad for the suffering I caused my husband. I ingested more medicine than food, but nothing helped. The side effects of the medicines made me tremble and feel nauseous. I vomited so much that I developed stomach problems. I went to Shenyang and had surgery to alleviate my asthma, but it did not work.

I was miserable and became well-known in our village as a chronic patient. In summer, I had difficulty breathing. I dared not to go outside in winter. Even though I was very careful, I often caught colds and had fevers. My asthma caused me to constantly cough.

Because of me, my husband could not travel elsewhere to make a living and, instead, stayed home and took care of the crops. As a result, we had little income. I often went to a local doctor to get injections and medicines. I always owed that doctor money, but I could only pay him after we harvested the crops in the fall. My family was the poorest in our village.

I cried a lot and wondered why my life was so rough! I even thought about committing suicide. But my two children were very young and needed a mother, even a sickly one.

Healthy for the First Time in My Life

In 1996, I felt that I was on the verge of death, even though I was only 39 years old. I was bedridden and so weak that my husband had to feed me. The doctor increased the dosages of my medications, but my condition worsened. Overcome with worry, my mother-in-law became ill. My husband and children cried. Our relatives came to visit me, thinking that it might be the last time they saw me alive. It seemed that I would die at any time.

This went on for more than three months. For 100 days, I hovered between life and death. I will never forget April 1997, when I was introduced to Falun Gong.

The third night after I did the exercises, my body was cleansed. My severely bloated abdomen shrunk. I could get up and walk around!

Within two weeks, I suddenly felt something I had never experienced before - I felt strong and that I could take care of myself! I got out of bed and started cleaning the house. Twenty days later I was able to help my husband work in the fields. My husband was so happy that he told everyone he met, “Falun Gong is amazing! My wife was on the verge of death. Now she's strong and healthy.”

My Story Inspires Others

Everyone in my village knew that I was chronically ill and about to die. They all witnessed my amazing story – how practicing Falun Gong helped me and that Falun Gong is good. Moved by my story - many of them started practicing Falun Gong. My home became the place where they came to practice. Life went from night to day, and we became very happy. It was as though the sun always shone on us!

We live in the north where the winters are bitterly cold. After being chronically sick for decades, I have not caught a cold since I began practicing. I'm very healthy now, and I help my husband take care of our crops and raise pigs. Our income has increased and we've even built a new house. Now, instead of having to stay home to take care of me, my husband can travel to earn extra money. I stay home and take care of the animals and crops. Our family went from being the poorest one in the village to one of the wealthiest.

Falun Gong has given me health, a new life, and happiness. No words can express my gratitude!