(Minghui.org) I am in my early 30s and began to practice Falun Dafa at the end of 2016. Before that I only thought about how to enjoy life every day.

After I found Dafa, I understood the true meaning of life, changed my attitude about how to live, and devoted myself to cultivation.

After six months, I got involved in clarifying the truth. I felt happy whenever someone listened to me and quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. I was then ready to talk to my family and friends about cultivation, Dafa, and the persecution.

Nothing Comes Easy When Clarifying the Truth

A very good friend, who was from a well-off family and worked for the Chinese government, and I met over a meal. I thought this would be a good opportunity to talk about Dafa, especially since he used to listen to my advice on everything. I thought that it would be easy to talk him into quitting the Party. However, I was surprised that after talking to him for quite awhile, not only did he not quit, he still thought that the Party was pretty good.

That made me feel awful. I realized that I had not explained things well. I was too hasty and did not send righteous thoughts to ask Master to strengthen me before talking to him.

After some time had passed, my wife went to the home of this friend and talked to him and his wife about Dafa, while I stayed at home with the kids and sent righteous thoughts. Unfortunately, neither one quit the CCP.

I had always been concerned about this friend, but when he did not listen to us, I began to resent him and thought that he was lost and mired in misguided ideas.

As I studied the teachings and did the exercises more, I gradually came to understand many Fa principles. It was clear to me that we cannot pick and chose who we want to talk to about Dafa. We have to eliminate our human notions and deep-seated attachments. I could not assume they would “never understand the truth” simply because they did not quit the CCP after being spoken to just twice.

After that, I sometimes included this couple in my righteous thoughts, hoping that I could convince them of the worthiness of Dafa.

My persistence led to a positive outcome. This friend, who'd refused to quit the CCP when I first suggested it, eventually sent me a message that he wanted to quit the Party. This moved me more than the first time an everyday person quit the CCP after I clarified the truth to him.

To be certain, I asked him if what he said was true, and he responded, “Of course it's true!” He sent me another message, asking me in all sincerity to help him and that he certainly was not joking about this.

He later sent me yet another message: “You need to please help me, I can still be saved!” I believe this thought came from his knowing side.

Not Giving Up on Friends

Additional Fa study helped me come up with ideas about how to clarify the truth to my old friends.

A steady stream of wisdom seemed to flow into my mind. I felt I could clarify the truth to them for two hours without interruption. I understood I had Master and Dafa to thank for all these wise words. I could never have come up with such thoughts nor could I ever have talked like this before practicing Dafa.

A group of friends chatting online asked me to join them for dinner. Unfortunately, I had to decline the invitation. Then one of them joked, “Brother Di is doing ‘closed-door’ cultivation and he's too busy” and “Brother Di, you'd better hurry up and 'purify' Meng (another friend). He is making a mess of his life right now.”

The messages upset me. They didn't understand anything and just kept creating karma for themselves. But my compassion came out and I said, “I will not give up on you guys.” I decided it was a good time to study the Fa and send righteous thoughts.

I came to understand that Master cherishes every sentient being. When Master saw my willingness to tell people the facts, he gave me the wisdom and helped me.

My truth-clarification efforts have helped me understand that people all over the world are getting more and more clearheaded and have even begun to seek out practitioners to learn the truth.