(Minghui.org) Ms. Se Guirong from Hanjiayuan Town was frequently arrested and detained for practicing Falun Gong. After being imprisoned and tortured for a total of eight years, she died at the age of 58 on January 23, 2018, six months after her latest release from prison.

2013: Sentenced to Four-Year Prison Term

A year after she was released, Ms. Se was arrested again on May 21, 2013, for giving Falun Gong informational materials to a taxi driver. Deputy police chief Xue Kejiu and domestic security captain Song Yu arrested her and beat her in public before taking her to the police department.

Song confiscated Ms. Se’s keys and ransacked her home twice while no one was home. The police confiscated her electronic equipment, jewelry, and Falun Gong materials. Officers refused to return the possessions or provide a list of seized items.

Ms. Se was subsequently tortured at the Huma Detention Center. She was tried by Hanjiayuan Court and sentenced to four years in Heilongjiang Provincial Woman’s Prison, where she was tortured until her release on May 20, 2017.

2008: Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

A dozen officers from the Hanjiayuan Police Department broke into Ms. Se’s residence on the evening of July 27, days before the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They arrested her and ransacked her home.

The Huma County Court illegally sentenced Ms. Se to four years in Heilongjiang Provincial Woman’s Prison. She was subjected to brainwashing and had to watch propaganda videos slandering Falun Gong. Guards verbally abused her and forced her to do labor for long hours.

2000: Detained for Six Months

Ms. Se was arrested in February in 2000 and tortured in a detention center for six months for refusing to give up her faith. She was made to do forced labor and subjected to brainwashing.

Family Harassed, Monitored; Home Ransacked

The local authorities have repeatedly harassed Ms. Se and her family members since the Chinese Communist Party began its persecution of Falun Gong. Officers monitored the family, ransacked their home, extorted money from them, and often used threats and humiliation.

1996: Entire Family Benefited from Falun Gong

Ms. Se Guirong used to suffer from dizziness, kidney problems, and gynecological diseases. She could not work, and her monthly hospital bills were taking a heavy toll on her family. After she began practicing Falun Gong in 1996, she recovered from her illnesses and was able to return to work.