(Minghui.org) As the 2018 Chinese New Year holiday season unfolds, Falun Dafa practitioners in the rural areas of China respectfully wish revered Master a Happy Chinese New Year!

The well-wishers hail from the following places in China:

Kai County, ChongqingKaiyuan City, Zhuanghe City, Benxi City, Xiuyan Manchu Autonomous County, Liaoning Province

Nanyang City, Xiangcheng City, Henan ProvinceBin County, Yilan County, Heilongjiang ProvinceFuyu City, Changchun City, Nong'an County, Yongji County, Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province

Tangshan City, Xinji City, Ningjin County, Hebei ProvinceZhaoyuan City, Shandong ProvinceGuangdong ProvinceTianjinHuaihua City, Hunan Province

Some of these practitioners are from the same families or same Fa-study groups. Many of them recounted in their greetings how Master Li returned them to health and gave them a new outlook on life. They expressed their deep gratitude to Master for enabling them to become a Fa-rectification Dafa disciple. They vowed to be more diligent in cultivation, make good use of time left to save more people and be worthy of Master’s painstaking salvation.

Falun Dafa Practitioners from Rural Areas of China Wish Revered Master a Happy Chinese New Year!