(Minghui.org) I visited my sister-in-law's new home in March 2017. She lives in a remote mountainous area. After around 10 miles on a paved road from my home, we drove another hour and a half on a gravel road. As I watched the scenery along the way, I decided that I would distribute Falun Dafa informational materials.

A few days later, another practitioner and I came back with brochures and other materials. We were on a motorcycle, and the uneven gravel road made driving very difficult. Once the motorcycle fell with both of us on it. We both called out, “Master, save us!” We were fine, but the motorcycle was damaged.

We kept going and soon fell again. This time, the motorcycle wouldn't start anymore. We were both in a lot of pain. We asked some laborers working on the road to help us with the motorcycle. I left some Falun Dafa materials with them. The other practitioner told me to go on ahead, and that she would catch up with me when the motorcycle was repaired.

I distributed materials as I walked. After a while, I heard her calling out to me from behind. Once we were both back on the motorcycle, we asked Master to strengthen us. We heard voices ahead of us and saw there was a festival going on. We left our brochures in people's bicycle or motorcycle baskets.

By the time we got home, we were covered in dust. We were so grateful for Master's help along the way.

Telling People about Falun Gong in Marketplaces

Another practitioner and I often took a motorcycle taxi to nearby markets in the summer time. We would tell people about Falun Dafa and advise them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

It was August, and I had arranged for a taxi to take us to a market far away. But when the day came, it started to pour right around the time we planned to leave, and the taxi did not show up. I met up with the fellow practitioner and tried to decide what to do.

She asked the person in a car parked next to us. It turned out that the driver was going to the same market we had planned to visit. He agreed to give us a ride for the same price as the bus. We knew that Master had arranged it for us.

By the time we arrived at the market, the rain had stopped. The market was crowded, and we gave out many DVDs and booklets. A woman saw that they were about Falun Dafa and refused to take anything. She even said something not very nice. I tried to explain things to her, but she wouldn't listen. We went on to the next stall, but people were starting to refuse to take our handouts.

Then we heard a man say, “It's good stuff. Why not take it? It's free. I want one.” After he said that, people started taking things again.