(Minghui.org) I have been making truth-clarification phone calls about Falun Dafa for a few years and have experienced varying degrees of interference. When there was minimal interference, I usually helped more than a dozen people quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations. When there was more interference, few or no people quit the CCP.

The process of making truth-clarifying phone calls is also a process of cultivating my xinxing. When I run into difficulties I look inward and eliminate any attachments I find.

There were times when my cultivation state seemed optimal, but the phone calls were ineffective. This perplexed and frustrated me, and I began worrying that I had some hidden attachments. I then came to understand that feeling frustrated was also an attachment.

Remembering Master's Hint

I dreamed of buying cooked ears of corn a few days ago. But when I peeled off the husks, there were no kernels. I peeled some more ears and again no kernels. However, after peeling quite a few more ears, I finally found some with kernels.

After I woke up, I could not fathom why I had that dream. Master has given me hints in dreams, but this time I could not discern any hidden meaning, so I decided to forget about the dream.

I made phone calls that day, but no one wanted to listen to me or quit the CCP. Before I stopped, I remembered the dream and wondered if Master was hinting about this situation. I patiently made more phone calls for another hour and 40 minutes. I then helped seven people quit the CCP, and many more people who had not joined the CCP listened to me clarify the facts. I called more people in that city the next day, and 16 people quit the CCP.

I then started calling another city, which was more economically developed, but no one wanted to quit the CCP. I silently said to Master, “Master, no one wants to listen to me.” This went on for another day. I then went home and instead of going out again I took a nap. I had another dream that helped clarify my priorities. In the dream, I was at a railway station and ran into someone I knew. I recited his name over and over again. I realized that he was waiting to take a train home, and in Chinese, his name meant “hope is coming.” This was Master hinting to me that I should do my best to help people get back to their celestial homes. I got up and went out to make phone calls.

During the first two hours, I helped six people quit. There were also a few others who had never had joined any of the Party organizations but who listened to me explain the facts about Falun Gong.

I realized that whether the phone calls went well or not, there are always attachments for us to cultivate away. Master arranges everything for us. What happens to us every day is under Master's control. Feeling frustrated happens only because we can't enlighten to this.

When our truth-clarification work goes well, we should not develop zealotry. On the other hand, when it doesn’t go well, we should not feel let down. What Master looks at is our heart. Therefore, no matter how many difficulties we encounter on our cultivation path, we should never give up.