(Minghui.org) I cried many times after reading Hong Yin by Master Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa. It was a shame that I had not begun practicing Falun Dafa earlier, but I had been brainwashed by the Party propaganda. I am now doing my best to follow the teachings of Falun Dafa.

I work for a state-owned construction company. I got the job after I graduated from the university. I hadn't known where I was going, and I had no goals whatsoever. I was a good student when I was younger, because my parents watched me closely. After I went to the university, I was on my own. With all kinds of temptations around me that I could not resist, I spent most of my time in an Internet cafe.

I was depressed, but I was lucky enough to meet a kind professor who was like my mother. She did not give up on me, and with her support I graduated. My mother later told me that Professor Li had asked her not to give up on me, though she had already, and that I should be grateful to Professor Li.

Even though I felt tormented, and the endless exams exhausted me, I still thought about life. But I did not have the answers.

I was sent to Dubai to work as a translator and accountant shortly after I started working for this company. The company has construction projects there. I was excited and went there without hesitation. I worked on the construction site for eight months. It was very hot. I returned after working there eleven months.

I was placed in the construction company's finance department. I did not get along with the section head however, and she was very critical of me. I was very unhappy. After a four long years, I was moved to the research department and got my license as a builder. I then transfered to the business department. Everything at work was fine.

However, I had hepatitis B, which caused stress in my life. One day I downloaded a software program for a virtual private network (VPN) which allowed me to circumvent the Chinese Internet firewall. I found many articles about Falun Dafa, but I didn’t read them, since I had been brainwashed by the propaganda I was bombarded with during my senior in high school, when the Communist Party started the persecution of the practice in 1999.

I read only the articles about news in China. As I read more, I found the news articles pretty accurate and convincing. I then inferred that the articles about Falun Dafa were probably accurate too, so I read them. I was initially reading them through the lens of someone who had been brainwashed, so I was suspicious and didn’t believe what was said in the articles. One day, I decided to download the book Zhuan Falun to read, thinking that I should be able to judge it for myself since I was a university graduate.

As soon as I started reading Zhuan Falun, I realized that I had lived my life in vain for the past 30 years. I was so far away from the truth. I was living in this “unreal” world fighting for fame and gain. I decided to follow the teachings of Falun Dafa, so I downloaded the diagrams of the exercise movements to teach myself. I also talked with some good friends about the practice.

I cried many times while reading Hong Yin, which was also written by Master. I felt regret for obtaining the Fa so late, due to being so thoroughly brainwashed by the evil Party. But I was determined to follow Dafa and clarify the truth to my family and friends.

I might have been a person filled with karma, but I am now following Dafa with my whole heart. I hope that more people who have been misled will obtain the Fa and be able to enjoy the happiness that Dafa brings.