(Minghui.org) I am a 65-year-old woman who began practicing Falun Dafa in October 1996.

Renewed Health

Before practicing Falun Dafa, I suffered from a multitude of illnesses, including neurasthenia, severe insomnia, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis and severe ulcerative colitis. Soon after obtaining Dafa, my illnesses disappeared and I achieved perfect health in both mind and body.

Cultivation practice also transformed my outward appearance and I started looking ten years younger than my actual age. My white hair gradually turned black and I became more energetic.

My husband also benefited from cultivating Falun Dafa. Before practicing, he suffered from severe neurasthenia and weight loss. His doctors finally confirmed a diagnosis of liver hemangioma in March 1992 and my husband was referred to a military hospital for treatment and continued observation.

Despite five years of continuous treatment, his condition remained the same. My husband took up the practice of Dafa in October 1996 and three weeks later he visited the hospital for his scheduled check-up. His doctor was amazed. “How come your hemangiomas have disappeared?” When my husband asked him to take another look, the doctor pointed out a section of the scan and said, “This was where the hemangioma was located. All traces of it have completely vanished. Not even scar tissue remains. With current medical treatment, such an outcome is impossible. Did you start practicing some kind of qigong?” My husband replied, “Falun Dafa. I just started three weeks ago.” Impressed, the doctor commented, “Falun Dafa is indeed powerful.”

Chemical Burn Heals Quickly

I work as a technician in a pharmaceutical lab responsible for analyzing the components of pharmaceutical raw materials. Typically, technicians try to avoid taking on work which involves the analysis of toxic compounds or those requiring complicated analytical procedures. As they know Falun Dafa practitioners are good and kind people, my superiors and fellow colleagues find it easier to ask me to handle the analysis of such compounds. Instead of bearing a grudge, I take the opportunity to elevate my character and even developed expertise in this field of work.

Once while testing some highly toxic acetyl bromide compounds, I accidentally touched some with my left index finger. Within a few days, my inflamed fingertip began rotting and oozing pus. Although my condition drew much concern from my fellow co-workers, I was confident that the immense power of Dafa would heal my finger.

Within a month, my wound had completely healed and Falun Dafa, in turn, gained the respect of my greatly impressed colleagues.

Surviving Accidents Unharmed

In June 2000, my husband was transporting my youngest daughter to school on his motorcycle when a speeding military sedan ran into them. The impact threw my daughter thirty meters away. Miraculously, she remained completely unharmed and immediately stood up to check on her father.

Finding him unconscious, my daughter began to loudly berate the sedan driver. My husband awoke soon after, stood up and reassured the sedan driver, “I'm fine, you can go.” Both father and daughter were completely unhurt and the damage to the motorcycle is very minimal. Truly this is a miracle. Master Li has protected us!

In August 2015, we returned to our old village to clarify the truth to our fellow villagers. After completing our rounds, we visited our old home and found the longan trees growing at our doorstep ripe with fruit.

We decided to pick some fruit to take home. However, the trees had grown very tall and even with our five-meter cutting pole we were unable to reach the fruit. To achieve the necessary added height, my husband took a three-meter high wooden ladder and placed bamboo poles on one side for support. He then climbed the other side and began cutting the branches. Suddenly the ladder and its bamboo pole supports collapsed. My husband was thrown head first to the concrete floor, right before the eyes of our horrified relatives. However, he immediately stood up and reassured them, “I’m fine. Thank you for protecting me Master Li!”

Our dumbfounded relatives were amazed to discover no injuries or swelling. Our great and compassionate Master had saved my husband’s life again!