(Minghui.org) I have seen many practitioners leave this world due to sickness karma. There are also many who are currently suffering from sickness karma. This issue has a considerable impact on Falun Dafa practitioners validating Dafa. I read the Minghui website every day and have thought about some of the “sickness” related sharing articles for a long time. I would now like to share my understandings concerning sickness karma with fellow practitioners.

Master said,

“If a person is completely in the Fa no one can touch him. Isn't that having the ability to protect yourself?” (Teaching the Fa in San Francisco, 2005)

As I understand it, if a practitioner is thoroughly “in the Fa,” that person can pass any test. What does it mean to be “completely in the Fa”? It means that a practitioner’s thoughts and actions are in line with the Fa. In other words, his thoughts and deeds are righteous. So we can all have righteous thoughts and deeds, and pass each test simply by rectifying our minds and thoughts. How do we make sure the mind is correct? It needs to be verified by our actions. If one's actions are in line with the Fa, then one's mind can be said to be in line with the Fa. If one's actions are not fully in line with the Fa, one's mind is for sure not fully in line with the Fa.

Let's take a look at the state of practitioners who suffer with disease karma. Some of them are facing very serious conditions, to the point that they can no longer live a normal life and practice cultivation. Some treat themselves as sick patients and rest at home. Since this person is treating himself as a sick patient, and actions are guided by thoughts, it means that he is treating himself as a patient in his mind. The practitioner may not even realize this. However, this is where the problem lies. Master told us in the Fa that practitioners have no disease. Isn't the practitioner not believing Master?

When what appears to be a sickness condition occurs, practitioners usually affirm that cultivators have no diseases. They usually have this righteous thought. However, an ordinary notion about disease or sickness that was developed in the past may play a role, making the practitioner feel it is a disease. The result is the battle between righteous thoughts and ordinary notions! If the righteous thoughts surpass the notions, they will dominate and the practitioner will not consider the condition a disease. But if the notions surpass the righteous thoughts, the person may consider himself sick and not be able to get through this test.

There is another situation which may occur. The practitioner's righteous thoughts may have been strong at the beginning, though not very solid. He could manage to treat this condition as false and keep doing what needed to be done, including the three things. But if he does not manage to look within and relinquish some attachments, the situation may continue. As time passes, if his confidence diminishes and the notions dominate he will start to consider his condition a disease.

When one treats the “sickness” as a disease and holds on to this idea, the attachment to sickness will be generated. He may subsequently develop the mindset of letting the disease go and fear it getting worse. When it is truly getting worse and becoming life-threatening, he will develop the fear of death. Some practitioners may even complain that Master did not take care of them.

Actually, when one has the idea of sickness in his mind, he is holding the disease itself. It was not a disease to begin with, but treating it as such is actually an act of inviting in the disease. Master said:

“And so I have to stress that we will be powerless to help you if you are still set on getting healed and can’t get past that idea.” (The First Talk, Zhuan Falun)

At this point, neither Master nor other practitioners can help him. The only way out is to let go of the idea disease from the mind. Only when a practitioner chooses not to hold on to it can Master and practitioners help you. Many practitioners with serious disease karma finally pass away, even with help from other practitioners. It is mainly because the practitioner did not truly let go of the idea of disease.

How can one deal with disease karma? Looking within is the key. One must thoroughly look inside for attachments and systematically review all ordinary notions regarding disease, such as attachment to disease, desire to get rid of the disease, fear of the disease getting worse, fear of death, desire for life, doubts about Master, doubts about Dafa's effectiveness, etc. Any attachments or notions causing this condition must then be eliminated, one by one. In the end, only one thought should remain, “a cultivator has no disease.” The practitioner should then focus on what he is required to do, and do the three things well. We will be able to pass the test when we have righteous thoughts and actions.

Another reminder to practitioners suffering disease karma is that we need to look inside at all times. We should also not focus on passing a test in our cultivation. We should cultivate ourselves with a solemn attitude, rather than developing an attachment to the test itself. Once we develop an attachment to the test itself, it is easy to fall into a cycle of doing everything for the test, including Fa study, exercises, looking inside, sending forth righteous thoughts, and clarifying the truth. The purpose of our cultivation is not to pass the test, but to truly improve. We should make good use of the test, taking the Fa as teacher, to dig out where we fall short, and rectify ourselves in the Fa. If we can pass the test well with righteous thoughts and actions, we may turn it into a good thing.

The road to validate Dafa will be smooth if one can always be in line with the Fa through righteous thoughts and actions. We will encounter tests when we are not aligned with the Fa. During the Fa-rectification period, some trials are arranged by the old forces. They will take advantage of loopholes when we are not aligned with the Fa. How should we deal with this? We do not need to care about the old forces, but instead just do everything according to the Fa and rectify all that is not right. When we regain our righteous thoughts and actions, the old forces will lose their excuse and the test can be removed.

“Cultivating gong has a path     mind is the way...”(“Falun Dafa,” Hong Yin)

None of the tests during Falun Dafa cultivation are about evil kidnapping, disease karma, police harassment, other practitioners, or ordinary people. They are all about our heart. If we want to truly pass the test, we must work on our mind and thoughts, look inside, and improve xinxing. Without improving xinxing, all methods aimed at passing the test are in fact looking outward and seeking a demonic path and are not ways to pass a test during cultivation.

The above is my personal understanding.