(Minghui.org) I am a female Dafa practitioner working in a state-run enterprise in China, and in recent years I’ve been arrested twice.

I read an experience sharing article about how we should behave when faced with illegal arrest. In light of that article, I would also like to share my understanding on the subject of facing arrest based on my current level.

Two Arrests

The two arrests occurred when I was still working. The reasons on the surface were that I “filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin” and “rejected their knocking-on-doors operation.” But on a deeper level, the real reason was that I hadn’t been cultivating diligently for a long time. During that time, I couldn’t concentrate when I did the exercises, studied the Fa, or sent forth righteous thoughts. Evil factors were therefore being nurtured in my field.

Although I must have been so disappointing to Master, he didn’t give up on me and instead utilized those tribulations as opportunities for me to do better.

When I was arrested for filing a legal case against Jiang Zemin, I was first tricked into going to the security department of my company. Although I guessed what could be happening, I didn’t do anything to negate it. Meanwhile, because I lacked knowledge regarding the law, I was manipulated by the officers from the national security division. I didn’t know how to respond to them.

An officer pounded on the table and yelled at me, “Say it! Who do you listen to? Do you listen to your Master or the law? Say it!” (I later realized this was a hint from Master.)

His yelling woke me up. I thought that I should listen to Master and behave in line with Master’s requirements. I then recited the Fa in my mind and calmed down quickly. It was a cold winter day in northern China, and by chance, the heater in that room was out of order. The officers all kept saying how cold they were, even though they were moving around, but I felt warm all over, even though I didn’t move a bit. I knew Master was encouraging me to pass through the test with steadfast righteous thoughts.

In the middle of the night one night while I was detained, I was sitting in the lotus position with my palm erect and sending righteous thoughts. I felt a pair of hands slightly moving up my arms and holding up my palm, which kept falling over. I knew Master was correcting my posture and encouraging me. (Other practitioners detained in the same cell didn’t even do the hand gesture when they sent forth righteous thoughts.) Master also purified my body during that time: I passed blood as black as ink for days during that time but didn’t feel that anything was wrong.

When I was arrested the first time, I gently refused to give my fingerprints and blood sample. No matter how rampant the officers were, I explained to them that it was not good for them to do this, and I explained the truth about Dafa to them. Bit by bit, the officers also became milder in manner and stopped forcing me. They even brought a chair and let me rest.

I didn’t know why then, but the head of the national security division continued to get more and more angry. He even began to slander Dafa. I calmly interrupted him. “Don’t be so angry,” I said. “Please speak slowly. Yelling like that is bad for your health.” He seemed dazed for a minute before he turned around and left the room. He never showed up again.

When I was arrested the second time, seven to eight police officers broke into my home. I was told later that they left only two officers at the station to answer phone calls, while all the others came to arrest me–a weak lady. Since I had read through the relevant laws before that, I requested that they show their warrant for the arrest. They couldn’t show anything, so I refused to cooperate with them. Then they forcibly carried me into the police car by my limbs. “The police are kidnapping a good person!” I shouted. “Falun Dafa is being wronged! Someone please help by calling my family and telling them I am being kidnapped by the police!” Many people came over to see what was happening.

At the police station, I reminded myself not to see this incident as “my being arrested” but instead as an opportunity to clarify the truth to the officers.

When I was being questioned, I used my knowledge of the law that I had learned on Minghui.org to defend myself, and I took the lead during the whole process. The police officer taking notes had a lot of experience with many Dafa practitioners and admired the wisdom of practitioners. Each time after he finished taking notes for a question, he continued to listen to my analysis and explanation with a smile on his face. Seeing his reaction, however, I developed the attachment of zealotry. His attitude suddenly became turbulent. Upon realizing my attachment, I immediately eliminated it, and his pleasant manner returned.

The director watching us on the surveillance camera couldn’t tolerate it. He came in and whispered something to the officer, who then stopped questioning me, printed the report, and told me to sign it. I out the improper parts in his report, all based on the law. He then changed it and reprinted it. After doing this several time, and seeing that I was still able to find things in the report that were wrong, he gave up and stopped telling me to sign it, saying that he would turn in the report and wait for the results.

I was taken to another room. Many officers were there. I chatted with them about leisure topics and gave them some information about Dafa. The atmosphere was very relaxed. We chatted and laughed. It was like a free, open discussion at my company with colleagues.

Later, most of the officers were called to leave. I heard later that they were sent to search my home. The officers who remained chatted with each other. One said, pointing at me, “I really admire her. She can still speak and behave in a relaxed manner. If it were me who was arrested, I would be really mad.”

Another one said, “I didn’t know we would be doing this kind of arrest today. If I had known earlier, I would have asked for the day off!” Under the protection of Master, I returned home the same day.

Sentient Beings Make Their Choices

I started practicing Dafa before 1999. The leader of my company had a good understanding of Dafa, and he secretly protected me many times. When I was arrested, he called my family to bring some clothes for me. In fact, he also used such calls to notify my family to take care of the Dafa materials there before they could be confiscated by police. He later signed as the guarantor for my release, freeing me from further persecution in a brainwashing class.

When I was arrested the second time, there was a new company leader. He was touched when one of my colleagues criticized him for “assisting in the persecution.” When I was released and went back to work the next day, he explained to me that he didn’t understand the situation before the arrest, and he apologized for being unable to handle the emergency well. I took this opportunity to clarify the truth to him.

Another time, a colleague who was not acquainted with me told me, “All of us admire you a lot. You can follow your belief; it is so good to have a faith. I really admire you.”

My husband told me that on the day of my second arrest, he had received four or five phone calls to notify him. He knew only one of the callers.

I realized through Fa-study that acknowledging the persecution and feeling unable to do anything against it is a manifestation of being manipulated by atheism. As Dafa disciples, no one can push anything onto us if we refuse to acknowledge it. This “refusal” doesn’t only mean a verbal refusal; it means we have to negate all thoughts counter to Dafa principles as soon as we find them.

We should treat the evildoers with truly benevolent thoughts. We should not cooperate with them, but neither should we fear or hate them. We should wake them up with our kindness and help them have the chance to choose a better future. In order to do this, we must study the Fa well, carefully look inward, and carefully do the three things well.